Alternative MBA; the Word, as they say, is In

by Megan M. on December 17, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

I’m done with my planes for the day, and the word is in: I’m free for brilliant things in the next six months! (In unambiguous terms, no, I didn’t get chosen for the !MBA. And that’s completely okay.)

We made a huge effort (and it did not go unnoticed). I am so, so grateful to all of you. I had no idea we would get as far as we did, and I’m proud of myself too. I was a real warrior the last few weeks, I don’t mind saying! And I’m really touched that there was such an outpouring of enthusiasm about the possibility of me going—so much that I actually DID the whole fund raising thing, mixed feelings or no. It’s hard to ignore that many vehement emails. When I look back and consider that, it is a teeny bit astonishing and mind-bendingly awesome.

If you offered me your support—pledges, donations, anything—you’ll be hearing from me pretty soon. We have some things to iron out! After that, it’s time to start thinking about what happens next, and to top this it’s going to need to be pretty damn awesome. (I’m not worried.)

Thank you, guys. You propelled me through an incredibly intense period of self-discovery, and I won’t forget it.

[Update: Brendan Mitchell said something that made me realize… my title would be a great intentional pun if I had gotten in! My brain sure is doing funny loop-the-loops—sorry if that confused anyone. I didn’t even notice it before. What a riot!]

  • Tiara the Merch Girl
    Aww no! The two best candidates, out!

    Kick some arse ;)
  • Chris Allison

    It was good to meet you. I'm in a similar boat and feel the same way. Keep in touch. I'll let you know if I plan on being in Austin sometime. Here's to doing awesome things.


  • Kyeli
    How exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next!

    *hugs* I can't wait to see you, period, actually. (:
  • Nick
    I'm excited with what you have done regardless of being chosen. I think you have readied yourself for big things. I can't wait to see what is next!
  • BobPoole
    I'm sorry but I'm also looking forward to watching you follow a path with heart. There is one for you that is going to allow you to change everything.
  • Rahul Deodhar
    I guess Seth sees and alchemist moment here - you have come to ask a treasure of Seer - who sees the treasure right in your backyard. Will you get it? Do you know it? I guess by now you do!

    Sometimes a child finds a weapon - and does not know of its power. You have awesome power aligning with you. What are you going to do with it?

    I know it sounds weird, probably condescending (hope not - not meant to be). Because I am learning a lot from your application process. And I have learnt a lot - about you and about my own self. Thank you for being my co-student in the process.

  • Pat Ferdinandi
    Oh Megan. At least you made it a step further than so many others. I'm sure the energy in the room planted many seeds that will florish into fantastic ideas. If I can help, please do not hesitate to ask (a fellow Triiibes Member).

    I agree with Becky & Juliet. I think Seth wanted good contenders to be Leaders. You already are one!
  • Becky Blanton
    Oh Megan, I'm sorry you weren't picked too - but like Juliet - I'm not surprised either. I think Seth has a definite idea about what/who leaders are and you're among those that are leaders, who are kick-ass. If I'm over-qualified, damn...I hate to think how super-uber-undenialably over-qualified YOU are! Geesh!! Your blogging. vlogging, writing and technical You're the complete package girl. But we're hoping to have you in the alternative alternative group - okay? See you there! Get some sleep!
  • Juliet Johnson
    I'm sorry that you didn't get picked, but not surprised. The folks Seth didn't pick seem to have been goaded into doing something spectacular on their own. It's as if he's given you all wings by NOT picking you, and having you work for him. Becky's RV plan is spectacular, and I KNOW yours is going to just splendid, too!!
    God speed, my friend,
  • Jon Dale

    It was fun! I'm excited to see what you do next. I'm sure it'll be great.

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