Obliged to Push, to Change, to Grow

by Megan M. on December 18, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

Ironically, these days I seem to be all about obligation.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m totally anti-obligation when it comes to the little unnecessary things we put on ourselves, trap ourselves into, or let rule our lives. I have to, I need to, I’d better. It’s been hard for me to balance that dissatisfaction with my very urgent, very powerful visceral certainty that there are some things we are in fact, obligated to do. That we must do. Things that change the world. Biological imperatives, you might call them.

I think it might be that I realized what obligation is for. It’s not for guilting you into doing somebody’s homework. It’s for identifying truly amazing opportunities for growth and happiness… and SEIZING them. Making your place in the world worth the carbon, oxygen and nutrients that built you. Moving forward.

And all of that is just my prelude to saying this: If you applied for Seth’s Alternative MBA and won’t be going to New York in January, you have an obligation to do something just as incredible. (I sure as hell do.)

Part of me is doing this familiar, boring little dance. Now that I’m home, it wants me to settle back into the status quo, do all the normal things, whine, fear, routine. Go back to old habits, pick up my old life. But that thing that it wants is stale. Broken. Easy, but stagnant. It’s not what I need—not what will help me grow.

If you hear me saying it to you, chances are I’m saying it to myself, too. Do NOT let your life “go back to normal”. Do NOT relinquish the mad drive that got you this far. You can stay in the brilliant space you’ve been occupying for the last few weeks—you don’t need the !MBA to do it. You don’t even need Seth to do it. (PROMISE.)

Come on, folks. Let’s get some shit done.

  • Bonnie Diczhazy
    All about getting on that "shit gettin' done" bandwagon!
  • Joan Morris
    Dear megan
    I totally agree with you.With your way of looking at things there will always be
    wonderful things happening to you and many times the good will be unexpected good.
    I loved seeing you.Come back to New York and stay here for a vacation and explore
    New York.The opening and closing of doors is a fascinating thing.The doors that close
    open other ones.SG himself had at least 900 people who did not take him up on his plans.He is far from right about everything in my opinion based on some things I have read.I know you can do anything you want. Love Aunt Joan
  • Pace
  • ragen chastain
    I adore you and I am so impressed by everything you've accomplished. That being said, I completely, totally, 100% disagree with you. We have incredible OPPORTUNITES, but never ever do we have obligations. The carbon, oxygen etc. are GIFTS which we are not OBLIGATED to repay. There is no "healthy" obligation because obligation means working from "have to" and not "choose to" and when we give up choice, we cease to acknowledge that the true greatness of us lies in the choices we make. Obligation is the path of least resistance because instead of choosing greatness every second from the bevy of choices, obligation says that we "have" to be great which necessarily diminishes it.
  • Kyeli
    I took Dru to see "Bolt" today - and it changed me. Reminded me of goals I've let slip. Brought up issues I stopped facing. Pushed me back into that good, healthy, obligated-to-DO-SOMETHING space.

    I'm excited.
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