Raise the Bar (plus my !MBA mind map)

by Megan M. on December 8, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

I’ve been feeling really… vehement lately. Please raise your standards. You might be the pivotal factor that makes everyone else raise their standards, too. And if you’d like to hear more about that, you’ll have to watch the video! (Hint: I wear a very awesome tie, and talk about subject that really means something to me: POTENTIAL.)

Below is an image of how I started my application mind map! Markers make me happy. I made boxes for each of Seth’s questions, and put some mind maps in the boxes. (The boxes are particularly nice because they change the shape of the information I’m working with—that is incredibly brain-helpful. Text as text can get old fast!

Alternative MBA, half-finished Megan map

Some happy fun marker-using tips:

  • HAVE FUN! I’m serious about this part. It’s fun, it’s fun! (Anyway, that stokes your creative energies—and you’ll need ‘em!
  • Use as many colors as possible! Don’t use black, don’t use a pencil, and don’t try to do it all in one color of ball-point pen. (Anyway, ball-point pens are seriously low-creativity. BEST IDEA: FINGERPAINTS!!)
  • Shameless familial plug: Listen to Daydream on Autopilot while you work. Okay, this might not work for you. But it rocked for me. Their music is pretty freaking motivating. (Careful about that autoplay, though.)
  • Highlight things! Highlighting is fun, especially if you have lots of colors. I didn’t highlight a lot of my mind map, but I went through a print-out of the Alternative MBA Squidoo lens and highlighted all the things I wanted to remember, plus added checkboxes so I could run through them before I finish up and make sure nothing got left out.
  • Yours can be WAY better than mine. I don’t think mine is all that fantastic, but I’ve had a lot on my plate this week so I’m feeling forgiving. ;} The best mind maps are great organic beasts of information! Think about fractals and vines and tiny flowers, and you’ll have the right idea.
  • Don’t use boxes. Yeah, go ahead, laugh. I think boxes are overrated. The shape-changing bit was awesome, but with a little more thought I might have made the whole map organic. Man, that would be cool! Don’t do it the way I did it. :D

That’s all for now!

  • Rahul Deodhar
    Fantastic vdo! The emotion and passion shows -
  • Becky B.
    As usual I LOVE it! I think you ought to vlog EVERY thing!!!
  • Megan M.
    Har har, now I'm up to my neck in puns! (Mine isn't anywhere NEAR as good as yours! As usual!) :P
  • Paul Durban
    Quite inspirational Megan. However, do you feel a tie was a proper metaphor for your positive message? After all, it's tied up in NOTS.

    Ha! I tickle me.
  • Trish Lambert
    MEGAN!!! I LOVE the vblog...just FB'd and Twitter'd it so the world can see it! And you made me laugh at the same time....ah, just the tonic I needed today!

    Back the in 80s, I realized that I was running my life from "I Can't." Every time I was presented with some exciting new opportunity, that was always my first reaction.

    I decided I needed to create an affirmation that would be in my face all the time...I owned my own business (similar to what I'm doing today only without the web), and I renamed it International Creative Action Network--ICAN. It was everywhere--business card, stationery, the way I answered my phone. I won't say it alone made the difference, but it certainly helped!!!


  • Megan M.
    @Kyeli What does your purpose hinge on? And why IS it taking so long? And what can we do to fix it? (Let's fix it!) (I MISS YOU TOO!)
  • Kyeli
    You're really awesome and inspirational. I'd like to subscribe... oh, wait. I already did.

    Seriously. I miss you lots. These little videos are rocking my socks, but they're pale compared to hardcore in-person live Megan. (;

    What do you do when your purpose hinges on something else that you're fiercely and honestly working on constantly but takes a long time and is slow-going and you feel tired and demotivated and sad that it's taking so long? Or when your purpose has a time-limit and the clock is ticking loud and terrifyingly in your head?
  • Nick
    Wow. Your VBLOGs continue to be fantastic. And that is quite a snazzy tie too! I'm inclined to believe a person that dresses so nicely. =D

    You have made your point Megan. You're inspiration. Lets continue to raise our standards. =)
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