A Quick Update!

by Megan M. on December 9, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |


This application process has been constructed to be 1100% Megan Safe. This means that Megan M. has devised a wiley plan that will allow her to come to New York without any negative effects on her life, relationships, finances, or existing works in progress. She worked hard to come up with this plan, and it’s a great one. It has been certified Super Duper Bonafide Megan M. Approved to create ultra-positive lasting change in the lives of Megan and those around her. She has also determined that it absolutely must — MUST! — be of use to someone other than herself, and has taken steps to make it so. She is quite proud of herself.

Man, things are busy around here!

I determined today that fear, excitement and indigestion all seem to manifest the same physical sensations. Can I take a Tums for unbearable positive anticipation?

In the first eight hours after I posted my fund raising ideas, I tallied up over $4000. Things have been mostly quiet since then, but I’m feeling very grateful to the folks who have offered, no matter what happens in the end. What a rush, to be able to make something happen!

Marty set up something really amazing and is offering almost the same deal I am in order to help me raise money for the possibility of New York. (Yes. If your response is that he’s a huge sweety, you’d be right.) If you need illustration work, hiring him will help me out too—because our finances are one and the same. Anything that helps pay our bills for six months makes a difference, very much including work for Marty. And you’ll get a great deal on insanely awesome illustration work. !MBA or not, Marty is fantastic.

This evening I left recommendations for Becky and Jon because they are truly fabulous (and they asked sweetly!). If anyone else needs one I am happy to provide! (Well, if I worked with you on a project, or know you well enough to say something!) So please don’t hesitate to ask. :}

Speaking of which, I’m collecting references for my application in the comments on this page. Please drop by! :}

More amazing things are in the works. Stay tuned! (That high C is a doozy!)

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