Megan’s Alternative MBA Tally!

[Update, 12-17-08] I got the best ever rejection letter from Seth, and he’s made his choices for the six month program. I didn’t get in, but I’m going to leave this page up as a tribute to the folks who helped me so much and the ground I covered in the time I had. Thank you all SO MUCH for coming along for the ride!

Amazing, amazing response.
Since I’m already receiving not only emotional support but also booked projects and donated funds and amazing recommendations, it’s time to set up a tally so that everyone can see the progress I’m making. I’ll update the numbers and links as often as possible! As of December 17, 2008:

That’s 38% of $22,000!

You guys are so wonderful!
I am so grateful to the individuals and businesses who have booked my time, pledged and donated time or funds towards this adventure. The ones who have not requested anonymity are listed here. Please take a moment to visit and support them!

Amie Gillingham of EBSQ Self-Representing Artists
Jule Kucera of Jule Kucera Learning Solutions LLC
Pace and Kyeli Smith of The Usual Error Project
Ed Welch of Welch, Inc.
Martin Whitmore, Illustrator (campaign)
Leif Brown and Kathy Bateman of Platypus Dreams
Vincent Tual of gni
Bob Poole of The Poole Consulting Group LLC
Trish Lambert of 4R Marketing
Becky Blanton of RSB Publishing
Tiara Shafiq of Educate Deviate
Heather Freeman of Fire Sea Studios
Steven Devijver

Thank you so much!
If you feel inspired to contribute, take a look at my awesome offer and !“); ?>