Raw Zealous (yes, more food!)

by Megan M. on January 31, 2009 (Blog) |

I’ve been mostly raw since Sunday/Monday—almost a week—and though my detox seems to fluctuate with my raw levels (100% results in super dry skin on my hands, ow), I’m gradually getting more and more manic about food. This is not the addictive response I’ve had in the past. Over the last ten years boxes of cookies have given way to pizzas and milkshakes and much healthier “junk”, like peanut butter cups with no wheat, sugar or dairy in them. I know what that feels like, and this is something different.

This is like what I experienced when I discovered coconut water and carrot juice. It’s a teeny bit like a “sugar!!” reaction but it’s different. It’s like my body is shrieking “NUTRIENTS!” and doing anything it can think of to get more of them.

And so today I’ve had double green juice (two kinds!), two zucchini boats (or stuffed zucchini, if you want to sound serious and professional, but I think BOATS are FUN) with a ton of nut filling & tomato and a little bit of garlic, and now a huge gorgeous smoothie: kumquats, mangos, cherries, hemp, apple juice and avocado. It is insanely delicious.

It’s like I just can’t get enough food. But I don’t feel deprived… I don’t feel like this is a reaction to me having starved myself, or waited too long to eat. It’s like I’m just way too excited about this food, and jumping right the hell into the pool. Apparently my body has the same personality I do. ;}

Part of it may also be that I’ve started to really have fun with eating this way. Juicing in the morning isn’t too hard and I’ve gotten into a routine that gets the kitchen cleaned fast (and avoids hurting my back). Even cleaning the juicer isn’t bad when I fit it into my workflow the way it is now. And I’m even starting to understand how to partially prepare meals beforehand—for instance, I can continue to make zucchini boats for DAYS because I have a ton of zucchini in the fridge, a ton of tomatoes, and two huge bowls of nut goop I made Thursday night. It’s just a matter of scooping out a zucchini and putting the filling in, chopping a tomato, sprinkling with salt, etc. It’s not hard, it’s reasonably quick, it’s crunchy and delicious, it’s good! (I couldn’t find this recipe on the web anywhere, but and I’ll share.)

And later I’ll have salad—because I have some greens washed and ready in the fridge. But first I’ll finish my smoothie.

Hungry yet? :P

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