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by Megan M. on February 1, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

Why, exactly, do you need an excuse?

Why do you need a program? Or a scholarship, or a recommendation, or a mandate, or an initiative, or somebody else’s carefully crafted plan?

Why not execute your own carefully crafted plan?*

Why do you have to wait for opportunity to knock? You can make your own opportunity, right now.

You know what it looks and feels like. You know what you want the results to be. You know that you’re craving a challenge, but you don’t need someone else to challenge you. Challenge yourself. Cut the path on your own. If you’re waiting for someone to boot your success system, you might be waiting a long time. WHY. WAIT. (!?)

Is this what they teach us? Is this the conditioning we’ve been living with? Is this what we tell our kids? Is this why so many of us are sitting on our butts playing blame games with our lives? Who told you to wait? Why do you think they were right? Stop listening to them. They don’t know what they’re talking about. It was time to get started years ago. You can catch up by getting off your ass now and doing something.

Do I have to beg, or are you going to quit jerking around and make something happen?

* “But Megan, I don’t have a plan.” Oh geeze, of all the goofy excuses. GO MAKE ONE!

  • Nick
    "Do I have to beg, or are you going to quit jerking around and make something happen?"
    while i'm in full agreement with the post, the begging also sounded appealing. can't i get both? :>
  • CoCreatr
    Where I track: If you know your rail is right and you can see where you want to go, silence the squelcher. Waiting is for sissies. Imagine how you feel when done. Go do it. Thank those who prodded you along.
  • Matt W.
    I'm not saying you're wrong, because I do understand and I agree with the idea behind what you're saying. :)

    But the reason I tend to look to find angles before I go jump is because things depend on me. If I take a chance and succeed, that doesn't matter, but in case I fail, I need to make sure that we won't lose the house, or stop getting insurance, or lose heat and light while I work on plan B. :)

    So I am a little slower, and maybe I don't get to jump onto the back of some opportunities, but I'm really glad for the ones I have, and I' m pretty happy about where a lot of things are now.
  • Tiara the Merch Girl
    Argh. I don't even know where to start planning (never mind that all my plans always fall apart at some crucial out-of-my-control juncture!). I know how I'd like to feel - engaged, inspired, spirited, fun, smiles. Thing is, I don't know what would get me in that state. Where do I start?
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