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July 2009

Health, Nutrition and Personal Science

by Megan M. on July 31, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes is a fantastic book so far. Halfway through, I am fairly certain it could be retitled “Good Science, Bad Science” or perhaps “Good Science, Bad Science, Crappy Politics.” I’d say that you wouldn’t believe the politics that affect your food, but knowing the sort of discerning, intelligent folks [...]



by Megan M. on July 29, 2009 · View Comments (Blog,Featured) |

On this day one year ago, opened its doors to its first influx of members. It boggles my mind that it’s been a whole year, and I honestly don’t know where all that time went. Oh, wait. Maybe I do. There was the Tribes Casebook. And then, almost by coincidence, The Usual Error—because all [...]


Competition and Conscious Capitalism

by Megan M. on July 27, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

Several things hit me about this video. The first was that I laughed when he talked about starting businesses out of college instead of getting good grades. Yep, that sounds familiar. I’m not incredibly enamored of the mainstream educational systems that exist. Most of you know that already. The second was the explanation of how [...]


When Life Isn’t About Money

by Megan M. on July 20, 2009 · View Comments (Blog,Featured) |

I read last week on Boing Boing about Javanese batikers who aren’t interested in copyrighting their work. What? They don’t want exclusive protection for their intellectual property? Whyever would someone do that? I think I have some idea. Traditional copyright often seems to be all about money these days. It might be about other things, [...]


Giving Up My Safety in Obscurity

by Megan M. on July 15, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

“Take yourself, for instance,” he went on saying. “Right now you don’t know whether you are coming or going. And that is so, because I have erased my personal history. I have, little by little, created a fog around me and my life. And now nobody knows for sure who I am or what I [...]


Survival of the Slickest

by Megan M. on July 14, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

This is a wacky road I have decided to walk. I just realized that—without even thinking—I had marked all my Idea Blueprint Girl content by-nc-sa, instead of by-sa. Not because I didn’t want to share it with money-making entities, but because I’ve gotten so used to the idea that we need to keep things from [...]


It’s been a whole weekend since I did That Scary Thing I Did, and I have to tell you… it doesn’t stop being scary just because it’s done. Probably because it isn’t actually done! I often find myself under the delusion that forcing the good change will get it over with and then I won’t [...]