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by Megan M. on August 12, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

I was running iTunes all morning, jammin’ to the stereo and getting work done. I keep a ton of tabs open in Firefox (yes, I’m one of those… totally out of control, man) and at some point, Firefox seized up and quit on me. Curse you, Firefox! (It has gotten really slow, man. I find my eye wandering to Google Chrome… if only I was her type! Oh well, someday, Mac peeps. Someday.)

Firefox, at least, will bring back all my tabs. But I noticed that once it had loaded most of them, a new tune was out-jammin’ my other music. And it was awesome.

It was way better than whatever the hell I was playing on iTunes.

And then I realized, ah-ha! That’s the Tribes Q&A Promo tab!

I posted this trailer (by Paul Durban of Blazonfire fame!) awhile back, when Paul originally put it together. But I didn’t spend nearly enough time telling you how awesome he is. Paul and his work are truly gush-worthy. I wrote him a testimonial that will make your toes curl in sheer delight:

“I firmly believe that Paul Durban is Design Superman. He’s got to be from some other planet. He comes up with these gorgeous, perfect designs that often seem to spring fully-formed from wherever the hell he stores all his creativity. (Hollow leg? Dimensional portal?) The cover and interior design he concocted for the Tribes Q&A ebook was immaculate and blew us all away with how precisely it fit the ebook and how quickly it came to fruition. His video sequences are incredibly inventive and appealing. You want this guy on your side, conquering your deadlines—even if he’s not quite human! You’re not going to believe how well he does his thing. Whatever he quotes you, dude, go for it. Everything Paul touches turns to AWESOME.”

Megan Elizabeth Morris – Founder of That Idea Blueprint Girl

I meant every word. Reading it over gives me a little thrill. I’m a shameless fangirl.

Did I write this post just to gush over Paul Durban? Well, no. (But I could have! And it would be an awesome post!)

I actually wrote this post because Paul’s Tribes Q&A Promo is a competing presentation in the World’s Best Presentation Contest 2009 at Slideshare, and I’d like you to go vote for it. It’ll help spread the word about Tribes and the Q&A we put together, and it will help to support a guy who truly deserves every good word you can spare him. Paul Durban could rule the world, and we would be very happy little design minions.

So just take a second—one tiny second out of your life!—to vote for the Tribes Q&A Promo at Slideshare. Click the little thumbs-up button underneath the presentation. (Believe me, if you haven’t seen this thing, you’ll be quadruple-clicking that button like your life depends on it by the time you’ve watched it to the end. It’s really that good.)

Okay, okay, I’ll embed it. Make it easy on you. But promise to go vote too, okay?

I love you guys. Thanks for reading. :}

  • Paul Durban
    Thanks so much for the kind words, Megan! And you know what? My toes DID curl when I read your testimonial. How do you do that? You should patent that skill. I'm just saying.
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