Part Six: The Results (and the Video)

by Megan M. on September 10, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

And here’s the part where my brain drops right out of my head, because I honestly don’t believe that this really happened.

Guys, I put my all into this thing, but I don’t know that I actually expected them to send me to Wales again. I thought about how nice it would be, but I don’t know that I really even considered the possibility—beyond pure speculation—that I would actually win the thing again, that they WOULD hand me another check and a few weeks later I would be making travel plans. What!? No. What?!

“We marked this very closely,” Gwyndaf told us, “It was a very close one. And the one thing that will matter in Wales—is you’ll only be singing in the Eisteddfod in the Welsh language.” He said later, “It purely was on the Welsh”—and oh, you could feel the expectation in the room, because I’m sure many of them were largely unable to identify the exact accuracy of our Welsh diction, the same as me. And then Gwyndaf presented second place to Sabrina, and, audibly, the whole room let out a breath.

And my mouth fell open, again, because it always does, I can’t help it, it’s the same big dumb gaping face I made when I won in Orlando. I am not suave. In fact, I am so far from suave, when this happens, I am the anti-suave. I am completely shocked, just because I really didn’t think this would happen—especially after seeing just how polished her performance was.

But then he gave first place to me. And I walked up in a daze, and they handed me certificates and a trophy—the same trophy I won in 2005, a tiny bit worse for wear but the exact same one—and shook my hands, and we all exchanged hugs, and I was just so flabbergasted I could barely speak.

I had been catapulted into an alternate universe and I simply didn’t know what to say.

In fact, even now, I don’t know what to say. So I’ll show you my competition video, instead, with Alan Thomas playing the wonderful accompaniment. My gracious and enterprising mother shot it for me from the back row.

Thanks, Mom.

  • errantember
    Wow! That was quite amazing. I especially liked the fading vibrato at the end of the last piece. Very difficult to smoothly roll it off like that. Bravo!

    So do you actually *sing* when you go to karaoke?
  • Megan M.
    I don't sing like that at karaoke, no. But I manage pretty well. ;}
  • Peter
    Hooray! Congrats!
  • kathy
    OMG!!! I have no idea what you are saying ('cause I don't know Welsh) but I do know that was BEAUTIFUL! I played it for the baby too ;)

    I'm SO excited for you that my fingertips are shooting exclamation marks!!!! (<-- see!)
  • beckyblanton
    wow. That's all I can say Meagan. You are amazing! Again, congratulations....just astounding and I'm not even an Opera fan, but what a voice!
  • KJ
    Oh my God, Oh My God, OH MY GOD!

    Woman, you are indeed *magnificent*! I read each installment, eager to see the results, and I'm so happy for you (and, oddly, proud of you - oddly only because... you know, I don't know you).

  • Jodi Kaplan

    Wow, what a story.

  • kyeli
    Ohmigods, you're going back to WALES!!!

    This video blew my mind! I kept wishing I was there, wishing I could be in the room when you sing like this, with your heart so full it's bursting out between your lips and filling the entire WORLD with how AWESOME you are. <3

    Well fucking done, darling.

    And that dress!! I need to throw a party you can wear that sucker to. Oh! Wait! I am doing that. In November. (;

    Chills and thrills, Megan-my-dear. Wowzers.
  • mtb0001
  • BobPoole
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