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Gosh. Where’d I leave off?

Oh yes. Sunday.

It is so glorious to get to sing with that room full of people. I guess you couldn’t see, but there were trillions of them in the Ballroom for the afternoon gymanfa session. I have no idea how many there actually were. A lot. You can hear them—aren’t they [...]


There is, obviously, a lot I missed in these posts. I missed the part where I had some crazy King Kong movie on in the background while I was getting ready for the competition Saturday morning, for instance. It was kind of awesome. I hated to leave the room when it was time to go; [...]


Part Six: The Results (and the Video)

by Megan M. on September 10, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

And here’s the part where my brain drops right out of my head, because I honestly don’t believe that this really happened.

Guys, I put my all into this thing, but I don’t know that I actually expected them to send me to Wales again. I thought [...]


If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

Saturday: Lift-Off

I don’t remember Saturday very well. I slept in as late as I could, and took as long as possible getting ready. I ordered breakfast up to the room. I carefully styled my hair (to whatever extent it’s even possible to style my hair, when [...]


If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

Well, Why NOT Get Sick?

It was my own fault, honestly. Marty’s birthday is August 26th, so the previous weekend we had a party and some fun evenings with friends, and the inevitable influx of wheat, sugar, and dairy. One little exception at a time, I can [...]


If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

Thirty Days and Counting

In August, I scheduled my voice lessons. I learned the songs. I guessed at the Welsh until—glory of glories!—I colluded with the gracious and generous Joan Mandry and my ever-persevering mother to receive an audio cassette of Joan’s amazing Welsh diction by FedEx. [...]


If you’re looking for the beginning, it’s right here. ;}

And then…

I’ll tell you—this year, I thought competing was going to be an awful idea. I already had so much on my plate that I couldn’t imagine giving a competition the time and preparation it deserved. I didn’t want to do it halfway, especially since I [...]


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