The Tribes Casebook (courtesy of Triiibes)

The Tribes Casebook PDF

I am incredibly pleased to announce that the Tribes Casebook will be released today on Seth Godin’s blog (and hundreds, if not thousands, of others). I submitted two pieces and both were selected; the first was an original case study I wrote on diversity, a subject that resonates hugely for me. The second was a collaboration with Rick Wilson, who is abidingly sharp, an awesome friend and seriously fun to work with. I feel a great deal of gratitude to have been involved in this project.

The low-down: Email it, post it, print it! Please don’t sell it or change it. If you’d like to take a look at it, you can download it for free here.

The Casebook is a companion ebook to Seth’s release of his book, Tribes, this month. It was birthed from the collaborative genius of several thousand Triiibes members suggesting, creating, editing, and cheering on more than a hundred and fifty selected case studies (and many more brilliant riffs that didn’t make the final cut) over the last two months. Every one of us feels overwhelmingly lucky to have met and have the opportunity to encourage and inspirit one another in such a powerful space. Triiibes is likely the most intelligent, driven, creative, innovative group I’ve ever been a part of. I am constantly, consistently impressed by the quality of membership and the sheer brilliance of those involved.

For fellow Triiibers: If you’re reading this now, every single one of you is amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of my experience.

For everyone else: This group has proven to me that you—yes, YOU!—and everyone you know (I’m serious) is capable of absolutely astonishing things. You underestimate yourself. It’s time to realize how huge your potential is, how far your reach, the kind of growth you have available to you. Every freaking one of you.

So take a look at the Casebook. It has many different styles and personalities, but that’s what makes it wonderful—diversity again. It’s at points thrilling, heart-wrenching, and altogether intensely inspiring. These are good people who deserve support and praise for all their hard work. Enjoy their stories, visit their links, and give them mad props.

For my part, I’m looking forward to linking to their launch posts, too! ;}

More information on the Tribes Casebook!

Pace Smith of Usual Error Project fame is also a member of the Triiibe, with a case study in the Casebook! It’s fantastic, you should read it. :}

Squidoo: The Tribes Casebook (by Triiibes). I started to list all the Tribes Casebook links I could find right here, and then I realized that Squidoo has a perfect function for just this purpose! If you’re a Triiibes member, please visit this page to add your link and vote. And whether you’re a Triiibes member or not, please take a look at the link list, visit them and say hi!

My favorite Tribes Casebook posts and link fu so far:

Pace Smith’s “I co-authored an e-book with Seth Godin’s Triiibe!” @ Pace & Kyeli
Seth Godin’s “Free Tribes ebook” @ Seth’s Blog
Jodi Kaplan’s “Tribes!” @ Fix Your Broken Marketing
Joe Noonan’s “Seth Godin’s free online book” @ Everyday Ecstasy
Barry Adams’ “The Tribes Casebook” @
“Seth Godin’s free ‘Tribes Casebook’ — including Trish Lambert!” @ SWIMBERT

There’s also a crazy Twitterstream developing about the Casebook, and two more if you watch “Triiibe” and “Triiibes” on Twitter Search. Huge amount of fun!

Long Dormant

I have new songs! Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

  • Alech Taadi: This is from the Fifth Element Soundtrack – I don’t know too much about the song, but it is fun to dance to. :P Eek, oops! No, you’re right, it isn’t actually on the soundtrack. I am silly! It was in the movie, but the CD it’s actually in is right here! Sorry about that. :}
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark: This song really grabs at me, for whatever reason. It’s my favorite Death Cab For Cutie song.
  • Sweet the Sting: This is, apparently, Tori Amos – who I haven’t listened to much until now. I discovered this song by way of another blog, when someone I read regularly mentioned how much they liked it. It is gurgly and utterly worth listening to.
  • Untouchable: This is a great live version of Emii’s new song. I don’t think it’s officially released yet, but she said I could share. This song is just plain incredible. Em’s website is being worked on, but her MySpace is here.
  • The Veggie Tales Theme Song: Yeah… I know. Deal with it. :P

Yes, is the same as A/V. I’m a big silly. I should put, voice posts, and video posts all under A/V. Yay decision-making!

It’s a good morning.

Tai Chi Demonstration

When Marty and I stopped by Thor's Hammer for Free Comic Book Day, we happened upon the May Asian Month Festival going on in the crook of the plaza. There was a lot of cute stuff going on but I happened to have my camera out during the T'ai Chi demonstration, so I took a little video and a couple of pictures. :}

Procrastination Station

I know, I know. But I’m going to do another first, because I just made a new shower cd and I need to get in the shower. My brain’s workin’ funny. Check these out – click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

  • Technologic: I haven’t heard any Daft Punk at all, except for this song. You’ll remember it from iPod commercials past.
  • Sixteen Military Wives: By the inimitable Decemberists. Guys, you haven’t heard anything till you’ve heard this band.
  • Satan Is My Motor: Cake – I only discovered this recently. How did I miss this song?
  • Ecstasy: D’you guys remember Rusted Root?? I just started listening to them again and I just adore them, I can’t get enough. They’re from Pittsburgh, even. (I think?)
  • The Mariner’s Revenge Song: Also the Decemberists. Probably the best song on here. Pay attention.
  • Carbon Monoxide: From Cake’s latest album. Someone called this album pure liquid prozac. Was it Wil Wheaton, or did I make that up?
  • Twisted: I kind of think Joni Mitchell is neat, but haven’t heard a lot of her stuff. Todd made some of us listen to this song and every time I listen, it gets truer… (uh oh…)
  • The Bagman’s Gambit: Decemberists. You have to really listen to this one. It gets better every time you listen.
  • The Distance: This was my first Cake song ever. I heard it in Marty’s dorm room in college.

And really, isn’t a post sort of exactly the same as an A/V post? Should I make them the same? Are they kind of different? Does anyone have thoughts on this, or am I on my own?

You know, it feels like autumn out there.

Gives me shivers. Makes me happy.

Shower time.

Approaching the Grand Floridian

We took the monorail this afternoon to eat at Kimonos, a sushi restaurant in the Swan Hotel. Here’s one of the little videos I shot out the window.

Audio / Video Post

This is an audio / video post. Please place your clicks accordingly.


I came home tonight feeling laid back in a funny sort of way. I’m going to music-share again and see if I can get the idea across. Any of you know what I’m talking about?

Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

  • O del mio dolce ardor: David Daniels, who is astonishing. I realized recently that this song gives me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. There’s something dark to it that pulls me apart, like taffy.
    O longed-for object of my sweet passion,
    The air which you breathe at last I also breathe.
    Wherever I turn my gaze,
    Love makes me see
    Your fair features:
    My thoughts imagine
    The happiest hopes;
    And in the desire which thus fills my breast
    I seek you, call you, hope and sigh.
  • Cry Me a River: Lisa Ekdahl, who I discovered via Adri Tan’s site. I always heard about this song, but never really listened to it. It does the same thing. It pulls me apart. Like taffy.
  • I Will Hold On: All hail Moxy Fruvous.
  • Watermark: There isn’t actually anything in the whole wide world like Enya. In case you wondered.

As always, play if you have broadband. I think this gets the mellow out of my system for tonight; we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Sunday Beautiful, and Showertime

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m going to jump in the shower before heading off for Scheduled Sunday Activities – but first I’m going to share today’s shower mix. Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

Today on the worldmegan

  • God Loves Us and He Hates You: Bomb Factory. Brilliant band. Adore everything I’ve heard from them so far. Check out their MySpace page, and their official website here.
  • Fett’s Vette: MC Chris, also brilliant. When I can rattle off all these lyrics right out of my head, I will be a god.
  • I Saw the Sign: I’ve always been a big fan of Ace of Base, but until recently I only had their stuff on cassette. It’s just as good when it’s digital.
  • Love You Madly: Cake. My personal theme song.
  • Need You Tonight: Woo! Dance music! INXS is here.
  • Play With Us: I found Curiosity via Telepathine and Warren Ellis. Love this. Also found on Mperia.
  • Push th’ Little Daisies: The inimitable Ween.
  • Satellite: Bosco. This is off the Tomb Raider soundtrack, but I can’t find anything about Bosco. Anyone with information, contact me, I must know more!
  • Science City Zero: Also a result of Warren Ellis and Telepathine. Take a look at Bit Shifter here.
  • The Ghost that Feeds: I’m not entirely sure where this came from, but maybe it was here. It’s a mash of Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” and Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”... and it’s so entertaining!

I imagine this venture is for brave broadband souls only, but lots of us fall under that category these days. :}