Duck and Sausage

I just had the most incredibly delicious dinner.

I met my parents and my grandmother downstairs, just as they decided to head into Raglan’s after all – the expensive one. “Conserve, we need to conserve,” Mom reminded us, before she ordered two courses and a dessert. We followed suit, and ordered what we wanted.

Dad and I had duck.

I asked for a glass of wine to complement my entree, and a straight-faced, dignified fellow suggested one. (After fooling with me. I never get it when they fool with me and don’t smile! I am so gullible.) He brought me a glass, and we all tasted it – it was incredible. He offered to bring me the label, and did. He was so kind! It was Lindemans Cawarra chardonnay, white. I don’t know anything about wine… but it was good. It was really, really good.

Mom had Harvey’s Bristol Cream (because I tricked her) and we all ate dessert. My duck was to die for – orange sauce, and sliced pears, and blackberries, and raspberries, and some kind of light sherbet. It may have been the best meal I’ve had in a very long time. Duck! Of all things!

Dad said, “When I get home my tapeworm is going to come out and say, ‘Where’s the food!?’ and I’ll have to hit him over the head with a hammer.”

“Is that how you get rid of a tapeworm?” I asked. “Hit him with a hammer?”

“Well, you need five sausages and a hammer,” Dad explained.

“To slow it down?” I asked.

“Well, you put out one sausage and it eats the sausage, and you put out another sausage and it eats the sausage, and you put out another sausage and it eats the sausage, and you put out another sausage and it eats the sausage and another… and then when the sausages are gone, it says, ‘Where’s the sausage?’ and you hit it on the head with a hammer.”

Mom says that was inappropriate.

“I would like to thank you,” I said to my Dad, “for keeping me sane.”

I’ll have to try duck again.

Everyone’s been very nice. I especially approve of hotel staff who are sweet to me and treat me like I’m special, even when I’m loafing around in my pajamas. I like that a lot.

I’m leaving in the morning; I’m sure I’ll have an account of my traveling yesterday sooner or later, but I still have to finish repacking and maybe take something to help me sleep. I may be absolutely crazy and leave for the airport with my family tomorrow – to arrive five hours before my flight leaves. I might rethink that, especially since my computer will be going into the hold, in its nice hardcase. Shiver.

I might rethink my computer going into the hold, too. But I’m trying not to do that. We’ll see how I feel in the morning, I suppose!

Books are allowed in-flight – I called, and made sure. So I’ll bring two books, and maybe buy a third. Everything will be just fine. I have had an incredible trip, but I’m aching to sleep in my own bed! I will just concentrate, and ensure that tomorrow goes as smoothly as possible.

They’re going to let me back into the country, right?


More soon. ;}

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