Badass Wristwarmers

Badass Wristies

Guess what I got in the mail!

Kiki made me these awesome, marvelous wristwarmers and sent them to me. They are so comfy and warm and gorgeous! I have arthritis in my wrists and fingers, so it’s a pain in the—er, hands!—trying to get work done if the AC is on (which, in Texas, and living with Marty, is often!). But these cover almost all the parts that hurt in cold air, and it’s really easy to type in them. And they happen to be completely badass!!

The entire Flickr set is here; make sure you’re logged in if you’re friended—not all of them are public. I am so excited!! These make me want to commission another pair, in the name of matching more outfits—glee!

1 Response to “Badass Wristwarmers”

  1. Zara @ 10:20 am on September 13th, 2007

    Those are super cute!