International Gnaw on Megan Day

You may or may not have realized that yesterday was International Gnaw on Megan Day, a holiday made auspicious by the one and only James Seckler, to whom I owe thanks for… well, any gnawing I received yesterday, I suppose. Thanks, James.

The first half of my holiday was my work day—but the second half I spent with someone particularly interesting and engaging. All girls with international holidays should be that lucky. And then I solved a problem (or three), and then I came home and went to bed. I’d say that my June 24th was particularly fabulous. I even got, uh, gnawed on.

Well, I don’t know who’s surprised about that.

If you are discouraged at having missed International Gnaw on Megan Day (since I certainly didn’t notify anyone in the appropriate fashion) I am still accepting after-holiday gnawing on a case-by-case basis. Ask nicely.

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