Your Choice: “Obligatory” Disclaimer

by Megan M. on March 9, 2009 (Blog) |

I’ve been wondering for a long time when it would be important to clarify this, and as it turns out, now’s the time. This is very important:

You’re the one who decides whether I’m talking to you.

You’re the one who decides whether the things I say are relevant, whether they apply to you and your circumstances. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s right and appropriate for you to act on them. The fact that I’ve said them is a very small part of the equation. (In fact, it pretty much means nothing at all.)

You’re the only one who can make decisions about how you live your life. I can’t do it for you—I couldn’t if I wanted to. (And I don’t.)

The truth is, most of my blogging here is an exercise in talking to myself. I started out doing this for me, and I still am—even though there is now an amazing group of incredibly appreciative people that I keep in mind when I think about what I should write next. Still, I’m writing for my own sake.

If you’re listening, please listen for yours.

So if we’re talking about obligation, yes, I do feel obligated—in a truly positive way—to experience bonkers, amazing growth in a whole ton of different ways. I realize that the strange contrast between that positive obligation and other “obligations” I perceive as negative is absolutely nuts. But for now, that positive obligation is important to me. When I write here, I’m speaking to the people who resonate on my frequency. If you don’t, find something else that makes you feel good, helps you solve problems, teaches you more about yourself, and leads you in the right direction (for you).

My job is to say what I think. If it’s useful, run with it. If it’s not, let it go. If you get something out of it, stick around. If you don’t, go on about your business. We’re cool. :}


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