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by Megan M. on April 3, 2009 (Blog) |

I realized after I posted last night that there are a lot of other reasons dot net resonates with me—way more than just one kind of “network” perception, though that was why I registered dot net first, way back when.

But it all links a bit into my worldview, so I guess I will tell you (a tiny bit) about that first.

I used to have a hard time when people asked me about religion and spirituality. I was raised Catholic, traveled through Wicca and ended up somewhere else (somewhere that, after reading The Story of B, I realized felt like animism from certain angles—and would be completely indecipherable from others). For a long time, awhile back, I called it “meligion”. Someone asked me about my spiritual inclinations this week, and I told them we could call it “Meganism”. Hey, works for me.

But these days, I notice that I tell the same story over and over. It only works in person, and usually I draw, or make dramatic hand gestures. Questioning it probably won’t get you anywhere (but I don’t mind if you try). Here is a nice picture I drew of my worldview once, a long time ago:

The Universe of Megan

I guess the gist of it would be that I’m the universe and the universe is me. That means that taking care of myself means taking care of you, too (and creates a hell of a swamp of delicately-navigable interpersonal boundaries, ha ha, we should talk about that sometime!). It means that I’m responsible for creating the world around me. It means if I want something to change, I need to take responsibility for doing something to change it—or I’d sure as hell better make peace with it, and quit complaining.

It means that my growth and change—and my positive impact on my surroundings—is possibly the most important thing ever.

So in a way, “worldmegan” is way of referencing that incredibly complex network of connections that is all of us, viewed through the lens of me. And especially from that standpoint, dot net is the most perfectly obvious decision in the world.

See what I mean?

I’m in the world and the world’s in me. God bless the world and God bless me!

(For my Dad: This didn’t occur to me before, but wow—Maybe the Night Kitchen had more to do with my ultimate spiritual development than one might at first expect…)


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