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I have to admit, my patience is getting a little thin with Time Warner – despite the fact that I can carry myself off to Panera on Elm Rd. when my connection goes down, I think this is the second or third time this month I’ve had problems. Having a mobile office has its advantages, but it’s still slightly inconvenient for me to have to leave the office unplanned. Time Warner, why do you thwart me so?

Regardless of that, it’s a beautiful day and I seem to be able to keep the umbrella up on this table at least 80% of the time. (That last time I fixed it, I actually put the little pin in, and I haven’t had trouble since.) The wind is blowing like a fiend determined to pick me up and float me away, clinging for dear life to my laptop. And the table is wobbly. And I’m sure I can find a few more things to complain about if I try very very hard, but I’m going to leave it at that. I feel fine, why worry? ;}

Knowing that most of my work has to be done before I leave Warren always makes me a little nervous, because it doesn’t leave a lot of room for surprises. I suppose I do have the option of coming back, but I’d rather not be driving back and forth all day. That seems silly. Beyond that, taking a break is fairly impractical (because I have limited battery power). But then, along those lines, so is blogging. :-D

With forty minutes left on the battery, I’m in pretty good shape. Ya’ll call me if you need me.


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1 Anonymous 06.29.05 at 10:07 pm

‘When my connections goes down,’ this is what is great about dial-up. I never have my connection go down. Sure there are a myraid of problems with it – A. Slow speed
B. Slow connection time
C. Loud Modem Noises
D. No Voice Service While Online
E. Hitler

However, there are several advantages to it – A. No lost connections
B. That’s it

I remember back in the day – mid nineties – I’d trot down to the computer room and sign online. Or, should I say try to sign online. Back when AOL was still crawling, it’d take five or six attempts to get on. Now with modern modem technology, I can get on in as little as three. I love AOL with all of my bitter 56k heart.

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