After Lunch

I’m sort of flagging. This is definitely a sinus infection. It is incredibly unpleasant. I feel very uncomfortable and icky. But I refuse to miss the rest of the convention just because I managed to get myself sick. (One drawback of tramping around town and riding a lot of buses, I imagine, because I get sinus infections so easily.)

After the Indie video panel I squirmed my way through the crowd to Violet, and told her how important her writing has been to me. She smiled fabulously at me, was particularly friendly and sincere, and filled me with absolute glee. That felt so good. My light-headed wooziness when I walked out of the panel was probably due to my plummeting immune system, but I can imagine it having been a result of how pleased I was with myself. She’s doing things that are wonderful, and she should know about it!

I then proceeded to lunch at the Four Seasons cafe, where everyone was extra extra nifty and totally worth the price I paid for my meal. The food, also, was fantastic. I was hoping that it would bounce me back, out of this ill feeling, but it’s just food, after all. I’ll have to get a lot of sleep tonight… and probably see if I can reschedule tomorrow’s eye appointment for Friday.

I have what sound like really good panels left—attracting ideal clients, $100 internet businesses, podcasts, and… hmm. I’m not sure about that 5pm, actually. And I might just stay in Ballroom F for The New Business of Collectivism, instead of running off to the podcast panel. And I just might take a 5pm bus home. I’d have to walk back to my apartment from the bus stop, but I’d be home before dark and I’d be able to go to bed for the rest of the night.

I’m seriously thinking about it.

Three hours to go; time to pee, find a good seat for the panel… I’ll charge my laptop more during the $100 internet businesses panel if absolutely necessary. You know, none of this is half bad, as planning goes…

Right. I have to pee.

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