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by Megan M. on July 16, 2007 (Blog) |

Today is going so much better than yesterday.

Yesterday I was stranded and grumpy. Today I am stranded and oblivious!

Yesterday I didn’t feel well. Today I had a Thai massage session with Robert, and an incredible business meeting with Ragen. (I even got to introduce them to each other. Awesome person, meet this other awesome person!! It was very exciting.)

Yesterday I was determined to rest and relax, but mostly succeeded in driving myself crazy. Today I was determined to be productive and pleasant, and totally managed to do just that!

Yesterday I was tearing out my hair and wishing for a small fuzzy animal to mercilessly devour. Today I have a very teeny sinus headache, but feel largely optimistic and magnanimous towards society as a whole. (How about that!?)

And I think… that my allergies are better than they were before the Thai massage. Is that nuts? And oddly enough, I think I like Thai massage quite a bit better than Swedish, or any of the other similar things I’ve experienced—mostly before competitions down in Florida or overseas. I don’t know why I like it better. Maybe it’s that it feels so dynamic. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s awesome.

I popped a few ibuprofen and ate delicious Amy’s Organic Potato Leek Soup, which is no longer carried by Amazon (argh) but is still thankfully available at Whole Foods and probably HEB, etc. So, I’ll buy it there until Amazon concedes to send me a crate or two…

So delicious. Wow.

That’s all I have to say. ;}

PS: Tonight? BURGERS!! Wooo!


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