Pre-Friday: Information Dissemination

I am all over the place, man. Once upon a time, I had a Status Page that solved that problem, but even the Status Page isn’t quite cutting it these days. (Noticed any updates lately? Nope, me neither!) So I’m going to start making Information Dissemination posts every week—dissemination collections, as it were. We’ll see if this makes a difference! Let me know what ya’ll think. ;}

Elsewhere Posts…

  • Green: So it’s come down to this—posting in Marty’s blog, too. I have no shame.
  • On a Stick: Visibility is a real riot, sometimes. A Virtual Magpie post about fried potatoes.
  • Marge Adler and Forbidden Broadway: Marge Adler is musical-directing Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit through December 2nd, and it looks awesome. And what can I do when something is awesome, but blog about it?

New Places…

  • Megan Elizabeth Morris @ SquidWho: I built my own SquidWho page, because Seth told me to. (And I, as we know, am a Seth fangirl drone. Shameful.) Definitely not finished yet, but coming along!
  • worldmegan @ Squidoo: And here are things I am interested in! I really like this nifty Squidoo thing. But also—not finished, either. Hmmm.
  • Cloud Nine @ Squidoo: Cloud Nine Staffing has a new Squidoo page. I helped!

Notable Reading Material…

  • Uglies: Scott Westerfield. Finished yesterday, surprisingly fantastic and awesome!
  • Free Prize Inside!: This book has started me on a long, gleeful journey full of Seth Godin reading material. Definitely recommended.

This gets me sort of up to date, at least to start! I’ll post another on Friday to collect items between now and then, and onward as seems appropriate. This is also probably an awesome way to post links I don’t have time to write about. I think we should call this blog “Megan on the Learning Curve”...

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