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Elsewhere Posting…

  • Adorable card from Anne. I love getting fantastic cards for no reason. (Hint!)
  • Did I just use the word paradigm… again? Well, it’s about music this time. ;}
  • Cloud Nine is blogging—and I get to introduce us!


  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Reading about industrial organic, and getting shivers (or shudders). So many people had mentioned this book before I picked it up. It really is living up to recommendations.
  • Sugar Blues, William Dufty. This… is really interesting. A friend in Seattle suggested it and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but wow. Sugar. Scary. (And it makes this a little more alarming than you might initially expect.)

Other Items of Interest…

  • It’s not my fault your soap doesn’t work, Marty…
  • Kyeli & Pace Smith both have new blogs! Eek! Go read the awesomeness!
  • Airborne, ginger and apple cider vinegar have been my remedies of choice for this week’s sinus infection—and it’s a doozy! I did dose my tea with whisky early on, but these others have really kept me going (especially the ginger, holy cow). I think the vinegar might possibly work almost as well as the whisky, and I can stay sober. (Mixed blessing?) From now on I will always keep fresh ginger and apple cider vinegar in my kitchen. Dude.
  • Why do we look for the worst in people? What makes that so appetizing? Why don’t we look for the strengths? Why don’t we look at people for their talents? Their cleverness, their thoughtfulness, their brilliance?

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