Information Dissemination, Eek!

Elsewhere Posting…

  • Where there’s smoke, there’s Marty… Chicken-singeing adventures in Austin. Oh my.
  • Sunk Cost Paradox @ Virtual Magpie. Musings inspired by an interesting realtor encounter at Cloud Nine. Ha!
  • Youngstown in November @ Virtual Magpie. Business trip!! Eek!
  • Drive Space Dreams @ Virtual Magpie. The line between my computer and my self is so grey and fuzzy, really…


  • Sugar Blues, William Dufty. Holy SHIT. This is an AWESOME book.
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I’ve got this on hold at the moment because Sugar Blues is fascinating me. But Sugar Blues is actually a pretty quick read (you wouldn’t know it from my updates, ha ha) so I should be back with Michael Pollan soon.

Other Items of Interest…

  • This excites me—but hasn’t Stephen Colbert always excited me? This is really fantastic.
  • Aaaaaaaa!! Turtles! This woman made awesome, awesome, awesome TMNT cupcakes for her son. Oh my goodness! Glee!
  • Pakleds, lizards. Marty had an eventful day. :P
  • The Oakland blog has a great post up about R. Jason van Hoose and awesome displays in Youngstown this week. Also, his website is here—dude. Really cool stuff.

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