by Megan M. on June 2, 2008 (Blog) |

Last week I ordered one of these:

As far as I know it doesn’t come with the cute boy. But that could be a great bonus (Data Robotics, take note)!

It’s supposed to be arriving today, along with a nifty 500 gig drive that only cost me about a hundred bucks. I had no idea that terabytes were so inexpensive these days. When did this happen!? I guess I just haven’t had a hardware upgrade in awhile. Quite overdue. What fun!

So I’ve stripped down two of my external drives in preparation for feeding them to my robot, and I will probably strip the third after I see that everything’s working well. I have another external drive around here somewhere that I can use, too, but hell if I know where it ended up. Closet digging time?

In other news, I reorganized the office again. Furniture is delicious. (And now I have room for a data robot!)

[Edit: Oops! My old external drives were ATA drives and aren’t compatible with the Drobo. The new one is fine, so I ordered a second... and it looks like I’ll be keeping those externals around after all. For the first time in my life, I’m going to have a terabyte all in one place. Crazy!!]


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