Swiss Army Octopus: Eight Legs, No Waiting

by Megan M. on November 24, 2008 (Blog) |

A little over a year ago, Marty submitted his Swiss Army Octopus design to Threadless in the hopes of getting it printed. A ton of people we knew got excited and turned out to vote for it, but it didn’t end up going to press (there are some fantastic designs on Threadless, and we knew it was a toss up). In the last few months, however, we found a company who was willing to work with us to get a batch of t-shirts out in 4-color, and this week we started taking pre-orders for Swiss Army Octopus t-shirts—“Eight Legs, No Waiting” indeed! The shirts are for sale on Marty’s site, and they’ll stay at the pre-order price until December 1st. It’s a limited batch, so if you crave this shirt and want a specific size, I’d jump in and grab it before someone else does.

Swiss Army Octopus: Eight Legs, No Waiting

We’ll most likely print more after the New Year, but now we’re seeing people getting excited about it again and that feels good. That’s a lot of fuss over a doodle, I’d say. Pretty freaking awesome doodle.


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