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Utilikilt Mock-u-Mercial Travesty?

Marty has been working incredibly hard on an entry he’s working up for the Utilkilts Mock-u-Mercial Contest. I also might add that I’ve spent quite a lot of energy helping him schedule to accommodate the contest, and helping him think up ideas on execution—so you can imagine our relief when yesterday the contest deadline changed, giving us quite a bit more time to finish up. I called Marty to let him know, as I read the website text to him directly from the screen, and he confirmed it when he got home from work. So you can imagine our alarm and, uh, pissed-off-ness, when the date changed back. We’ve effectively missed the deadline, and dude, we want to know what’s up.

I sent the following email to , which is listed as contact address for website and newsletter messages.

Hey ya’ll,

We were 90% of the way through an entry for the contest yesterday when we went to your information page ( and saw that the date for the contest had been changed. On Thursday, June 28, this text here:

  1. Your entry must be in our hands by June 30, 2007
  2. The winners will be announced in the August Newsletter

Said THIS:

  1. Your entry must be in our hands by October 31, 2007 (Halloween)
  2. The winners will be announced in the November Newsletter

I may not have it word for word, but both of us saw the October, Halloween, and November parts at different times of day, so did not finish the entry immediately or send it in for what we felt must be an obviously defunct June deadline.

Now we go to the page to clarify something and we find that the original dates are back on, and we’re kinda pissed off—all our work being for nothing, and all. What’s up?

Megan M.

Think I’ll hear back?

Edit: Totally, totally heard back Monday. If you’re interested in more precise information, take a look at the Utilikilts June 2007 Newsletter, where they explain everything. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the Mock-u-Mercial info, but not too far. CJ was pretty awesome to let me know what was up before the newsletter even went up, but I appreciate getting filled in! As misunderstandings go, this one was pretty awesome… ;}

It turns out that they were going to extend the contest, but then the folks who already had their entries in were vexed… so they decided to have two contests. Apparently the website difference I saw was just an oversight, with the information needing to be changed in various places. So Marty’s going to keep working for Halloween (and I think some friends of ours are going to put in another entry, too, which is awesome).

And at the end of the last email—because sharing glee is good—was this:

Take care, – CJ (who is also an unreasonable headlamp fanatic…)