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On Sleepiness

I’m sleepy.

I seem to be in a cycle that wants at least nine hours of sleep a night, and I honestly don’t know how to reconcile myself with… myself. I’ve settled for eight, most nights, but I seem to spend my mornings sleepy anyway; I imagine it’s likely fallout from the Great Coca-Cola Consumption of 2007, and I think I can live with that. With Dad visiting since the 26th (and staying till the 11th) I’ve been eating rather well and will continue doing so. But the sleepy, buh.

So as you can probably guess, this has been at the root of my blogging laziness—why I took so damn long to update the Utilikilts post and why I’ve posted almost nothing else for the past week or two. Because I’m sleepy!!

As for today, my meeting’s been moved from three to four, and I won’t be at dinner later. I do intend to do a lot of good work, though, and not just on any one thing. There are plenty of projects going on that I haven’t said a word about, and once I’m a little more awake, I will tell you more…

Blargh. Just let me wake up!!