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On Thursday afternoon, I had my first yoga lesson. Robert came to my place and he told me how to do things, and I did them. I may have trouble writing about it… because it didn’t make a lot of use of my brain. In fact… it turned my brain off.

Now, a lot of people who read this already practice yoga regularly—or at least have done it in the past. I have made a single attempt to follow a yoga video. I got bored out of my mind, and stopped. I always wondered if a yoga class might be nice, but never gave it a shot. Later on, I might try something like that, but the point is moot for now, because I like this.

My recollection of that hour, or maybe a little more than an hour, is strangely floaty. It makes me think of being suspended in water, or levitating. And I don’t know why I remember it that way, except that by the time we were done, I was much, much more relaxed than if I had, for instance, taken a nap. Two days later, I have a few sore spots, and my knees and ankles are pretty stiff, but I’m looking forward to trying again. I didn’t have any trouble holding my attention. It’s not boring when the instructor is there. (And that’s awesome, because I didn’t want to offend a real person by struggling to keep my attention on the task at hand. Video, on the other hand, well, no big deal. So… yes. Awesome.)

I’m pleased with this new thing I can do, and I want to keep doing it. It was so sublime to turn my brain off for that hour—so incredible to not have to use it. It was precisely the thing I needed. And if you’d asked me a year ago, I certainly wouldn’t have suggested yoga. Just… didn’t seem like my bag. You know?

Anyway. I think I was wrong. ;}