Sunday Evening

by Megan M. on August 14, 2006 (Blog) |

You know, those Pendyrus boys are just fantastic.

At around 3:30 or thereabouts, Malcolm showed up in the lobby and kidnapped me! I guess I didn’t put up much of a fight. I gave him his requested cwtch (Sidenote: I just found a Welsh dating site, looking for a web definition to give you. It’s so funny and cute! But anyway, a cwtch is a Welsh hug. I love that word! They say, “Give us a cwtch!”) and we dashed away.

I visited at Malcolm’s for awhile – he made me tea, and steak and kidney pie (which didn’t turn out to be at all my thing, eek!), and we chatted and watched the DVD from my competition Thursday. I can’t believe how good it looked. I never like the way I look on tape, though I’ve never seen a professional taping before. And this was about as professional as it gets, I suppose! I am aching to show it to some other folks and see what they think. I’d like to get some feedback on this performance and see what I can do about preparing for next year, whether or not I find the funds to go.

I met Lester, Malcolm’s turtle. He lives on the back patio. He chased my toes! I was backing up all around, that turtle can really move! And then I stepped over the barrier. Ha! No toes for you! Lester was nifty.

Half five or so we headed off to rehearsal. To get to rehearsal, we went over two big hills! (I want badly to say mountains because they were so very big, but I realize they weren’t actually mountains – just very, very big hills!) We went up and up and up and up and up and up, all around bends! At the very top of one of the hills, we stopped by the side of the road, where we could look down into the Rhondda Valley. It was incredible. I hope my photos turn out nicely – I know they can’t do justice to the real thing, but at least I can show you something like it! It was amazing, amazing, amazing, standing up there so high, looking at everything down in the valley, so tiny. It was just like looking down at Wales – and I was!

We continued on to rehearsal after I’d taken plenty of pictures (“I could stay here and take pictures for days,” I told him, and made myself get back in the car!) and Mal showed me the rehearsal space while we waited for the boys to arrive.

As they came in, by ones and twos, many of them saw me, and gasped, and grinned – then came over to ask me how I was, to hug me or take my hand, all warmth and smiles and friendliness. Pendyrus is such a wonderful choir, and I enjoyed singing with them so much, when we were on tour. I hope I get more opportunities to visit, and maybe spend more time with some of them. They are fabulous fellows!

I listened to about an hour of rehearsal and Graham took me home to the hotel, chatting all the way back. I was flying high, having such great folks around!

I can’t remember the rest of the evening, I think because I spent most of it packing! I did get most of my packing done, and I chatted with Marty when I couldn’t fall asleep, but I did finally fall asleep… so all was well!

One day down – one to go!


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