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by Megan M. on June 4, 2007 (Blog) |

Marty posted another doodle and mentioned our rollergirls game last night—smack in the middle of the third bout and all the power goes off. I used my phone to post, um, pictures in Flickr. (Not that you can see much.)

I admit I was kinda tired during the game, but not enough to want the power to go out!! And dude, it was a crazy game. I don’t remember any of the games this season being so rowdy right from the get-go—I think Special Ops (the Assassination City Derby all star team, from Dallas) is the best visiting team we’ve had so far, and they were hot. We had a group of folks right next to us hollering encouragement to Choko Ono. I guess they were Dallas people! Marty seemed to lean towards rooting for Hell Marys, and I seemed to lean towards rooting for Hot Rod Honeys, but we BOTH were rooting for Hustlers. It looked like Barbarella was having this kooky awesome night, narrowly avoiding disaster and grinning and playing a great game, and then something happened and she slid into the penalty chair head-first, ow. It looked like she’d hurt her hand instead of her head, which is probably good. They got rid of the penalty chair after that.

It was neat to sit in the dark and speculate about what the hell was going to happen, but ultimately we went home and it sounds like they might have a rematch. Kind of lame, to have such a wild game cut short. We all dashed to our cars in the pouring rain, rivers in the parking lot, absolutely soaking wet by the time we got home, ate pie, watched some TV. But other than the tromping through rainstorms part, it was an awesome evening.

Had some goofy dreams last night, but haven’t remembered them yet.


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