Spiral Complex

by Megan M. on September 24, 2008 (Blog) |

I read The Story of B, and I’m obsessed with spirals.

If you’ve read it, you might know why. It’s just a little thing, but so big! And spirals are important for many reasons. But before I even started to speculate on those reasons, I was feeling drawn to spirals everywhere. Automatically. Without thought. The perfect solution.

So I bought pendants at AnimeFest from the booth we shared with a jewelry vendor—all spirals, on silver chains. Single spirals, triple spirals, all different stylings. Once home, I dug out the silver flasks I’d picked up in Dublin, with (serendipitously) the same design.

I discovered Havi Brooks and then Shiva Nata—and ordered the DVD for daily practice. It isn’t even here yet, and I’m already learning spirals (because Havi’s starter kit is just that awesome.) I can do the first set forward easily, so I’m practicing backward. It’s much harder, but that’s okay. Challenge is the name of the game, not mastery, and oh, that is so good for me right now.

In a dream I drove backwards down a spiraling hill road. (I hit another car. It was white. I wasn’t watching. Oops.) And later, I wanted the answer to an important question, but all I got, disconnected, out of nowhere, was Shiva Nata. A dance based on energy flow increased by spirals. You should do that dance, Leif said, for all you’re worth. He’s right. I got the answer I was looking for.

Kyeli took me grocery shopping, and I bought Tinkyada rotini. (Or is it fusilli? I feel pretty fusilli tonight.) Now I’m eating them. They’re far more delicious than other Tinkyada shapes. Can a shape be delicious?

I posit yes.


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