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I’m sure I was doing something important when my father fumbles in his luggage looking for a particular item and instead comes up with a headlamp. And he puts it on his head and turns it on and it is the most awesome thing I ever saw, but I simply cannot get over the absurdity that he brought it with him—or even bought it in the first place. I ask him where he got it, many exclamation points and question marks, and he says, “I think I sent away for it…” Like maybe he’s almost as amused as I am.

And so I take a picture. Here is my picture!! And I am still experiencing absolute glee that the thing he took out of his travel bag was a headlamp and I tell him that it is the awesomest thing ever in the whole world, as I post my picture of him to Flickr. So he gives me the headlamp.

And so now instead of being unable to get over the absurdity that he packed a headlamp for no reason, I am also in confusion and delight and ridiculousness that he is giving me this awesome pointless wonderful toy!! And I ask him if he’s sure a bunch of times but at some point realize that will only annoy him because obviously he’s giving the thing to me. And I say it is possibly the best present—I search wildly for a time period to encompass this “best present” and find nothing—EVER. The best present EVER.

And I am still laughing because he brought a headlamp to Austin for no reason and then gave it to me. And he takes issue with “no reason”, he says it’s silly to say there’s no reason when obviously the reason was to give it to me. Even if he didn’t know it.

Pbph. Which is bizarrely, precisely the sort of thing he would say. And do.

And so, all I can do is show you the results, and play like a total goose with my new toy:

Photo 5

And, uh, if you want more—there are more. !! I HAS HEADLAMP !!