What I Do (and What I Can Do For You)

I am an idea generator with a gift for situational brilliance.

Most of my professional time in the last year has been spent brainstorming and generating brilliant ideas for the projects I’m most passionate about. I have a particular knack for getting myself out of sticky jams, and my creative cortex busts into overdrive in desperate situations. I’m very proud of how far I and my projects have come as a result of this skill, and am always looking for ways to develop it. (Video games like Braid and Portal and physical exercises like Shiva Nata and Brain Gym are excellent methods.) My brain children include Martin Whitmore’s Community Commission projects (money out of thin air!? Excellent!), a large portion of the process for the Tribes Q&A eBook, and far too many others to count!

I help businesses be people.

I’m tired of businesses acting like they’re some separate category of creature just because they’ve learned to advertise and crunch numbers and accumulate money. Businesses are people, too —and they should act like it. The businesses that act like people and treat their customers like people are going to come out on top. It’s already starting. I suggest you take the hint. (And if you need help, .)

I design awesome web and print projects.

I’ve worked for upwards of ten years designing web and print media and only recently began to transition to other pursuits. I still do quite a bit of design work when I can make a difference to someone awesome, and if you’re interested in discussing the possibility of hiring me for that purpose you might like to look at some of the web work I’ve done in the past, or some of my print design projects.

Keep in mind that I don’t code (except for close, long-time friends with coercive methods). I can code (and have coded most of my personal sites myself) but because I am less effective and quite a bit slower than other professionals in the industry, I generally outsource HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming as needed. I’m happier that way (which means you will be too). :}

I have extensive internet social media experience, and am happy to consult as needed.

We’re in the age of people connecting to people, and too many have learned disconnection as business strategy. I love social media, especially blog-related methods, but I am also very focused on treating a person like a person, not a number. I’m stoic on this point, so if you tend to analyze the metrics of your customers rather than relating to them as fellow human beings, expect our conversation to be a bit of a struggle. ;}

Most of the sites I’ve built have been blogs. Many of them are in this list.

I manage people projects (for the right people).

I have managed small groups of people in web development for many years, but in October and November 2008 I (accidentally) became the project lead for the Tribes Q&A eBook, written and put together by Seth Godin’s Triiibes network. This was an enormous group of people (more than 160 strong, with my frequent interactions falling in a group of maybe 30 or so). It gave me a taste for leading brilliant people through slightly impossible (but truly amazing) projects, and I wish to do more work just like that—with the right group.

I write like a madwoman.

If you’re reading this, you already know that I keep a Megan-flavored blog overflowing with bits and pieces of my life and work, and I am very motivated to make change happen in other people’s lives, in the world. I’m very happy to consider writing projects or paid blogging exploits for the right client. (I won’t lie, the idea of being paid to blog always gives me a bit of a thrill.)

Here are a few of my favorite entries:
Raise it from the ashes | Seth’s Tribes Presentation in New York | Learning Leadership | Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us | Late to the Party | The Tribes Q&A (by the Triiibe)

I sing. (Yes—that too!)

I’ve been studying vocal performance almost consistently since 1998. I studied for many years with Dr. Wade Raridon, met with Dr. Lorenzo Malfatti several times in Pittsburgh, and since moving to Austin have commuted whenever possible to study with Dr. John van Cura (who happens to be my wonderful Welsh cousin). I sing mezzo-soprano classical repertory (including opera) as well as Welsh traditional folk songs and the occasional jazz standard. I’ve performed extensively as a student and young professional in Ohio, including a two week North American tour with the Pendyrus Male Choir from the Rhondda Valley. I’ve won several Welsh-specific competitions including the North American Festival of Wales’ David G. Morris award. That award gave me a boost to participate at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Swansea, where I placed second in the mezzo-soprano division of an entirely Welsh-language competition. To my knowledge (and from what others have said), I was the only American competing. (There was a giant pink pavilion, and a huge lot of media—live broadcast, film news, live radio, newspapers everywhere—the works. It was great fun!)

I am intensely inspired by the power of music to connect people to themselves and others. I’ve been influenced extensively by the emotional effect a performance can have on one person or a thousand people, and I have several ideas in the works that will hopefully expand and make use of that wonderful phenomenon.

If you’d like to hear recordings, you’re welcome to listen to some of my older material here. (I particularly recommend Summertime and The Holy City. They’re delicious!)

Drop me a note if any of this sounds useful!

The best way to get in touch with me is to , though in a pinch you’re welcome to give me a call at 512-364-0045. I respond much more quickly to email than to phone messages.

Got something to say?

I’m actively looking for glowing, gushing references (originally for my Alternative MBA application, but also for the purposes of accumulating kind words and good wishes). If you’ve worked with me in the past, please take a moment to write me a recommendation in the comments here. Thank you! :}


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    Megan Recommendation

    As I'm totally unaware of how to write a letter of recommendation, I am going to outline, as simply as possible, the reasons- facts- behind Ms. Morris' case of the Awesomes.

    Besides being crafty and intelligent in all sorts of ways, Megan is first and foremost an incredibly kind, honest and caring person. As a freshman in college I was very confused about sex, relationships and how to act and feel about them. When I stumblingly asked Megan what she thought, she responded that I should be as smart and safe as possible. To that end, she educated herself as well as helping me find the information that I so desperately wanted, and where to find it on my own. She asked frank but sincere questions about my comfort levels and then did the uber-awesome and gave me BOOKS on the matter. Lots of them. We discussed the literature as well, until I was well-versed, comfortable and confident in my knowledge and personal stances.

    Because of her guidance and generosity, when I began mentoring young adults, I was able to help them the way she helped me, sharing literature and honest lines of communication in far more than sex-discussions. She is my pen-ultimate sex guru because if she doesn't know, then we can find out together.

    I would hate for you to not understand all of Megan's shiny facets, so please know that she applies that kind of solution-oriented thinking to everything she does.

    Figuring out how to be a responsible consumer?

    Ask Megan. And not because it's trendy, but because her heart is so big she needs to know and apply that kind of knowledge to her life.

    I've never met someone with so much knowledge to give assistance with, and so reluctant to preach or flash it around. If you need help or are curious, Megan is a font.

    She hasn't always been this way. I knew Megan when she didn't know how to ask for what she needed; a little angry, a lot anxious, a tiny bit scared.

    She has grown so much in the last five years and it's entirely because she didn't want to live that way, so she found a positive way to change it.

    Megan may beguile with her soft features and ginger laugh, but she has steel resolve, a warm heart and a clear head for gracefully handling the things that come her way.

    The woman before you (in print or in person) is a brilliant, positive ever-growing evil genius. I'm proud to be her friend, and any program would be incredibly fortunate to have her on board.

    Very sincerely,

    Rudi Whitmore
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    My key indicator is ease of communication. When I hired technical support staff for bilingual customer interface, job planning and documentation work, this guided me well. Was I heard, understood? Did I get swift and constructive responses? Did our mental gears mesh smoothly (similar wavelength) or skip under load and even lock up on each other? Two of the people I hired more than 10 years ago are still with the company.

    When I worked out the Triiibes Q&A eBook process on-line and by phone with Megan, I noticed our gears meshed well. Straightforward, achieving progress and having fun across thousands of miles, even though we had not met before. I feel Megan has the capacity to catch and juggle a lot of balls and to push herself to new heights. If I were hiring at this time, she'd be among my faves.
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    Regarding Megan Elizabeth Morris

    Every once in a while we are fortunate enough in life to stumble upon people who are brightly colored echoes of those parts of ourselves that we like to think of as being our best selves. From the moment I met her Megan has been such a person for me, and as such she has felt both familiar and challenging. She reminds me of all the parts of myself that I love and thought I had lost and encourages me to bring them back to life. She has been a gift and a blessing – as well as an unrepentant thorn in my side when she believes in the growth I am reluctant to attempt.

    I have been in the unique position of having been a confidante of, and co-creator with, Megan since 1995. When I first met her, she was in her mid-teens and brimming with insights and creative ideas far beyond her years. I have often attempted to mentor young people with a similar spark of brilliance, but none of them have blossomed as she has. From a very early age she has struggled against very loud voices constantly telling her to stop being so different and how much smarter she would be to take the safe path that would keep her close to home (and under someone else’s control). In the face of extreme adversity, she has soared to amazing heights of self awareness and empowerment sprung entirely from the mind and determination of a soul that refuses to be caged.

    For Megan the world is full of possibilities that are best discovered by forging your own path and splashing it with brilliant colors before putting it under a magnifying glass to dissect what you have found. I cannot think of a single instance of her accepting anything at face value. She constantly questions, tweaks, absorbs and seeks out new ways of looking at the world and the challenges it offers.

    She is a seeker of knowledge who is brave enough to apply new thoughts and theories by turning them into action and bravely altering her life to test the validity of her beliefs. Even when the results aren’t what she was hoping for, she finds something good and useful from the journey and the very act of acquiring new facts and experiences.

    Megan is a disarming combination of whimsy and intelligence. There are those who have been entranced by her impish grin and tousle-headed curls and have mistakenly thought charm and charisma the total package of “who” she is. Anyone foolish enough to stop there has cheated themselves of discovering the true treasure that is Megan. She has a sharp edged wit, a keen observational viewpoint and a heart that knows no bounds. She sees beauty where others see difference and actively recreates the world in her own image.

    Whether I were attempting to create something unique and artistically pleasing, plotting the downfall of evil or simply trying to take over the world, I cannot think of anyone I would rather have on my side than Megan Elizabeth Morris.

    Angelina Adams – friend, author & marketing director
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    I've only had one brief opportunity to work with Megan...but it was an incredible experience. I was part of two teams during the Q&A eBook project...and that provided me the perfect opportunity to see Megan at work.

    When she was made aware of issues just hours away from the final deadline...she didn't panic, she provided calm and steady leadership and moved resources around to make sure the job got done.

    She's a great leader...quickly identifying the strengths of those around her and empowering them to get the job done without micromanaging the process.

    After the project was complete she went out of the way to say thank you...not just a generic bulk email...but a personal note expressing gratification and recognition of specific tasks done.

    It was a joy working with Megan and I look forward to the opportunity of working alongside her again in the near future.

    Jon Dale
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    It is among my deepest pleasures to be able to provide a reference for my friend Megan. I say without hesitation that I am consistently inspired by her. There are few people that grab my attention as much as Megan. It has been a source of joy to watch her over the past couple years of my life.

    Over time I have gotten to watch Megan in action. For those who haven't seen it, it is quite a sight! I squeal with happiness to see her take on another bold adventure. One fine example of this is her quest to become a photoreader. I myself joined her in part of this quest. Let me say a small something about photoreading – it is a leap of faith. Photoreading seems to make ridiculous claims about how quickly you can read. A skeptic would be quick to dismiss photoreading with disbelief that humans are capable of such feats. I won't make judgments about the actual truth, however I will make the claim that the skeptic will never know. Megan has an open mind to truth. She fearlessly seeks truth out -- no matter how crazy it may seem. Beyond that I was amazed with her attitude during this adventure. It seemed as if the whole time she marched cheerfully forward to discover for herself the truth about photoreading.

    While watching her take on photoreading was entertaining, it pales in comparison to her attempts to be a polyphasic sleeper. This was an amazing experience to watch. Polyphasic sleeping is no easy adjustment. To put it simply, our body is not use to itty bitty naps a few times a day. Our body can do it, but the adjustment is a big strain. Adapting to polyphasic sleeping is a struggle of will against one of our most primitive biological urges. It doesn't stop there though, there is a tremendous social stigma surrounding pushing your body to such extreme limits. Despite all of this, Megan not only went through most of the adaptation once, but she did it three times! What courage and strength is required to push yourself to those limits? There is more though. She was unafraid to blog while going through her experiences. It was quite a sight. The sleep depravation was having a clear effect on her mental processes. You could watch as her posts degraded into a mess of words. She was aware of this; she understood what she was going through. I also can't begin to imagine the pressure on her to quit because of the concern of those around her. And yet, she persisted! Simply amazing.

    These are but two examples of some of the amazing qualities of the beautiful example of a person. I can't take my eyes off her. I want to know what Megan is up to. I admire those exceptional qualities and it my hope that she continues to inspire those same qualities in myself and others.

    With Great Respect,

    Nicholas Haasch
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    Megan is a FORCE. This is a woman you would want as a friend, a colleague, a co-conspirator, an ally. But I think I'd want her most as a neighbor, so that I could walk over to Megan's house and see what she was up to. That because it seems she is ALWAYS up to something, and it's always intriguing, stimulating and inventive. She is one of those people who cannot not be up to something, because she's so engaged in the world, with plumbing its mysteries, playing with its possibilities.

    I worked with her on the Tribes Q&A, and she was unflappable. A project like that, assembled at breakneck speed and with so many personalities at play, can quickly go out of control, but Megan was the glue, and that glue was both sticky and elastic—she rode that beast with aplomb, intelligence and humor, and she made other people's work (including mine) better. She's one of those rare people that carbonates the world—she is an exceptional candidate for Seth's MBA (and barring that, perhaps as the benevolent ruler of a beautiful island nation—it would be a happy, soulful place of glee and song, and I'll move there immediately; I need Megan for a neighbor).
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    She’s an inspirational leader and much more. Here’s a short list thoughts about Megan:

    * Very persistent and determined to succeed.

    * I’m not sure I’ve ever met a more positive, proactive person.

    * She will “get it done” - regardless of circumstances.

    * She leads through inspiration - not afraid to ask for guidance as she leads - knowing the end product is more important than any one individual.

    * She’s flexible, capable of pulling brilliance from chaos - I’ve seen her do it.

    * Circumstances don’t dictate her path - she paves a path through circumstances.

    * Give her a destination (a point B) and she’ll figure out how to get there - and then get there.

    * Energetic, enthusiastic, etc.

    Since I’ve only known her for a short time (and only online) - you might ask how I know these things. Well, I’m sort of a “people observer”. I’ve deduced these thoughts from her blog posts, Triiibes contributions, Triiibes Q&A book project, Tweets, and various interactions with her in between. When you deal with many people every day online - the remarkable one’s are easier to spot. Megan is a “purple cow” - no offense to her of course. ;)
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    There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who want to make things happen, who plan to make them happen; those who watch things happen and Megan - who actually makes things happen.

    Megan, unlike many of us who applied for this position, committed herself to it. She put aside other things and threw herself into it - from fundraising to contacting people to promoting others - and she did a fantastic job. Maybe it's youth, the energy and drive of one still seeing potential more than obstacles, but I think it's more a reflection of the power that lies coiled in this woman's soul. If you read her application, her blogs - her history it's easy to see that she's all about positive change. She walks the talk - as cliche as that may seem, but she's the real deal.

    Not only did she take on and complete the task of being the Q&A master, but actually shone with it! She's done more to highlight and promote Triiibes than anyone I've seen. If it came down to a choice between me and Megan getting this selection, I would defer to her in a heartbeat as I truly, from the bottom of my heart believe she is the best candidate for this apprenticeship and would impact so many people. I think she's proven that she has vision, can follow through, inspire and is devoted to change.

    She's an amazing woman and one I'm certainly proud to know. I hope you get it Megan. You are awesome!!

    Becky Blanton
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    I first met Megan in an opera workshop, when she was 18. Her talent for singing and her jovial nature were already in full bloom. As I got to know her, I discovered Megan’s thirst for knowledge and drive for accomplishment. I watched her teach herself web design, eventually starting a company designing web pages. Like everything else in her life, Megan used her business as a tool to grow and learn, rather than just a vehicle to make money. Over the years, Megan has continued to grow and developed both as a person and an entrepreneur. She faced many problems both personal and business-related and one by one she conquered them all. Whether it was caring for sick family members, or expanding her blossoming web design company, Megan attacked each problem with an optimistic attitude and an iron-willed determination to succeed.

    When Ohio became too confining for her, Megan left much of what was familiar behind and moved to Austin, Texas. There, she thrived amongst the creative class of Austin. We continued to speak over phone and the internet, and I watched as she took a long and critical look at her weaknesses and moved to remedy each one with the same zeal and positive attitude that she used to face external problems. As she did this, she moved to enrich the lives of those around her, raising them up along with her own rising tide. This dedication to the advancement of not just herself but all those around her is the hallmark of the person Megan is today. Megan’s life and experience as a singer, businesswoman, artist, and entrepreneur would bring a unique skill set to any venture she was a part of, and her energy and passion for learning new things will make her a valuable addition to any task she is given. In short, Megan would be an excellent choice to include in the Alternative MBA program.
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    Megan is amazing. Megan is great. Megan has boundless enthusiasm, incredible perseverance, and loves to learn. Megan will rise to the occasion no matter what you throw at her and will exceed your expectations.

    Blah, blah blah.

    You've heard it all before from reading all the other recommendations. You're probably sick of hearing how awesome Megan is. But you know what? Words are cheap. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.

    I hereby offer a 100% money-back guarantee on Megan.

    (I know this doesn't affect you, Seth, since the !MBA is free, but hopefully it'll show you how confident I am in her.) If you hire her to help her reach her goal and aren't completely satisfied, nay, BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the work she does for you, I will reimburse you in full out of my own pocket.

    'Nuff said.
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    Megan is my friend. She inspires me when I need inspiration. She fires me up when I need firing up. She calms me when I need calming. She helps me see clearly when I need clarity. She laughs with me (and occasionally at me, but only gently).

    We were friends for a while before we bought the Seth DVDs. We decided to watch them together. We still haven't gotten through the entire set, because every time we sit in the same room to watch them, our brains explode with awesome epiphanies and ideas and ways to change the world. We wind up having growth meetings, learning and talking and making mad decisions and crazy plans instead of calmly watching the DVDs. Now we're really close, brought together by insanity and delight. There's no one else I'd rather have on my team (to whom I'm not married).

    We often joke that together, we're going to take over the world. We're joking, but you know what? There's truth in there. Together, we are going to make differences. We're going to change the world. We're going to be powerful forces with which reckoning will not be brooked. Megan stands at the bow of the World Changing ship, eyes wide open, watching the currents and tasting the wind.

    She is a leader, and I am honored, proud, and excited to be a part of her mad dash for glory.

    ~Kyeli Smith
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    Megan and I have been living together for the past 3 years, ever since we moved to Austin together in 2005. We'd been working together on web and print design projects for a couple years before that, and we were friends in college several years before we started a professional relationship.

    I've known Megan for a long time, I guess is my point here.

    ...and ever since I first met her, Megan has had an inspiring influence on me. In the beginning, it was her encouragement for me to become a better artist. We spent time together, both of us sketching like mad, just for the fun of it. She knew I had potential, and she always had amazing ideas for new things I could try.

    Later on, when she had been running her own web design business to support herself and her family, she would ask me to work with her on projects she felt were suited to my talents. I was working mostly menial jobs at this point, and it was incredibly uplifting to be able to get some creative artistic work. She even helped me find clients of my own, and any time I had a business question I headed straight for Megan.

    We had been dating for about a year when Megan asked me to move to Austin with her. It seemed like a crazy proposition for someone who'd never lived outside of northeast Ohio, but it also felt right. All the creative and artistic jobs had long ago dried up in Youngstown, and it didn't look like we had any real prospects for making a living doing what we love there. So instead of wasting away in the Rust Belt, Megan brought me along with her to the weird & wonderful city of Austin!

    This is when my life became challenging.

    Throughout high school and college, I was lazy. This is not to say I didn't achieve a lot and do incredibly well for myself... it just came really easy to me, so I didn't ever push myself. When we were out on our own in Austin, things weren't coming as easily. It turns out that things get harder when you finish school. Maybe when Mr. T was telling kids to "Stay in School!", he meant forever. I was floundering a little, with no real idea where to even start. Megan, though, really rose to the challenge. She began reading up on new ways to do business, and amazing forms of self-improvement.

    ...and that's when things got crazy.

    Megan had started down an amazing path of self-improvement, and I got taken along for the ride! When the person you love and live with is working hard to make themselves better, it's hard not to push yourself to do the same. And it makes it even easier when your partner is willing to show you the way, and help you along when you get stuck. Megan has been really patient with me, especially considering how much faster she seems to get all this than me.

    A couple years ago, I probably would have been happy to find myself an average, meaningless job and toil away into obscurity, doing a little bit of artwork on the side to maintain a creative outlet. Now that Megan has shown me what I'm actually capable of (and how much more I will be capable of if I keep pushing myself), there's no way I'm going to stop until I'm making artwork for a living and loving every minute of it!
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    Megan is, in a word, amazing. She is a superb candidate for the !MBA and would take full advantage of Seth's plan of "give and take"...I don't know that I can say right now who would benefit more from her acceptance. I only wish I could be there to watch the discussions that take place with her on Seth's team.

    I got involved more toward the end of the Q&A ebook project because I was on the road for most of November. But I'd remember to stick my head in every now and then to keep up with everything, and there would always be several messages from Megan in the various forums...she did an incredible job of monitoring every piece. During "deadline weekend", we all worked together to finish the ebook, with emails flying fast and furious as we debated some of the finer (and final) points.

    I hope she gets accepted to the !MBA program. She's destined for great things (and I can say I knew her when!).

    Char James-Tanny
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    I cannot think of a person better situated in temperament, time, and....hmmm...third t-word needed....temerity (yeah!) than Megan. I had the amazing good fortune to be one of her "staff" and bridge crew on the voyage that led to the Tribes Q&A Ebook, a silver box experience if ever there was one.

    A huge part of what made that a silver box experience was Megan. I have worked on many volunteer-based projects, and this one was way out in front in terms of quality of teamwork and quality of final product.

    Megan was patient, tenacious (ah! another t-word!), and productive, and her energy and optimism was absolutely amazing. Her leadership made all the difference in the project. I am proud of the result we all produced, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Megan in the process.

    This is a person who, armed with her !MBA experience, will step WAY out in the world, and she will take lots of people with her. Selecting her for the program virtually guarantees a ripple effect that will make amazing things happen!

    Trish Lambert
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    Sorry I'm a little late with this... and I loathe tardiness : ) So here goes...

    Megan is just positively amazing. I worked with her on the Tribes Q & A ebook and the thing that I admired most was her perseverance. She never faltered once or slacked off or even thought about giving up. She was organized, helpful and kept us motivated and on track to finish on time. She's a creative, resourceful and smart leader. I just read through her entire application (part of the reason I'm so late) and I was blown away by her insightfulness and vision. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan for the Alternative MBA Program. I think that she is a perfect fit for the projects and path that I believe Seth with put her on. I look forward to seeing what she will offer the world!
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    RE: Recommendation of Megan; Let me Count the Ways...

    ... the list of projects that Megan has undertaken in Triiibes alone is astonishing. Many enroll, a few maintain visibility, and the rare few stick it THROUGH TO THE END. Thus she does, project after project, with tenacity. Continuously.

    Yet what most impresses (and inspires) me most about Megan is her generosity and championing of others. To me, this puts her in a regal (royal?) category of her own.

    Megan's boundless enthusiasm, tenacity, generosity and encouragement of others is what has me writing her this endorsement, even though I know she has plenty of endorsements and that everyone who knows her already knows all this... I write out of appreciation (yes, she's helped me too, with my very first blog) and there's no way in hell I'd miss this opportunity to thankfully champion a champion.
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    I, Paul Durban, being of sound mind and not too shabby body, hereby recommend Megan for anything. Whatever it is she wants to do, just let her do it. Invite her to do it. Encourage her to do it. Plead with her to do it. Because once she does it, you'll find out that no one can do it quite like her. Then you'll wonder why she didn't always do it. And you'll look for ways to have her do it more often.

    Does that do it for you?
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    Megan makes me want to try harder. To do more. To be more.

    Obviously, I'm not the only one.
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    I met Megan only six months ago in but I already feel like knowing her a lifetime. We have met online, exchanged ideas, worked together... and I learned a lot, and I mean a LOT, in the process. Thank you, Magnificent Meg, you made a positive impact on my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her for ANYTHING!
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    I have had the pleasure of knowing Megan in three aspects:

    Vendor: Megan built an exceptional website for my company. Recently the owner of one of the largest staffing company's in the country told me that he loved our website. She understood our vision and interpreted it beautifully into a web medium. Then she went above and beyond the call of duty and organized what turned into an extremely successful social media campaign. She is a rare combination of vision, passion, technical skills, business sense, and just pure genius.

    Client: Before transitioning into Virtual Staffing, I spent 13 years as an operations consultant and Megan hired me to help her with her business. I can honestly say that anyone who has the opportunity to teach her anything is the lucky one in the relationship. She attacks learning with a passion - you can literally see her gears going a mile a minute as she not only listens to what you are saying, but absorbs it and looks at how she can immediately put the new information into action. She also knows herself well enough to know how to truly utilize a great learning experience and so as a teacher you get the rare sensation of knowing that that NOTHING of what you are teaching is being lost on her, in fact that it will be passed down through her, and that the work you are doing has hundreds of times more value than it does for an average (or even above-average) client.

    Friend: Megan has a huge heart and is always willing to go above and beyond for a friend. She uses personal interaction, business interaction and social media as a way to truly enrich the lives of everyone she touches. Megan is a connector who sees people who will have value for each other and connects them. She is just a joy to be around.

    Anyone would be lucky to have someone like Megan touch their organization. I have staked my reputation on her in the past and I will do it again to recommend you to her.
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    I first met Megan nearly eight years ago as a result of a conversation with Dr. Wade Raridon, her voice teacher at the time. That led to her being engaged to perform at a local Welsh gathering where her performance was an outstanding success. That, in turn led to further engagements in the US Welsh community over the years, and to Megan's taking it upon herself to learn pronunciation of the Welsh language so that she could expand her repertoire.

    Her motivation and drive led to an unusually fine mastery of the nuances of Welsh pronunciation, so much so that listeners assumed that she was a native speaker. When the Pendyrus Male Choir, one of the top 3 Welsh choirs in the world, arrived in the US for a two week performance tour in 2004 their adjudicators offered Megan a contract to join them as soloist.

    In 2005 she won the Eisteddfod competition at the North American Festival of Wales in Orlando. Part of the prize was an invitation to perform at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 2006. An eisteddfod is an ancient Welsh cultural event dating from at least the 13th Century in which participants compete in the fields of poetry, literature, and singing. The standards of the adjudicators are very high indeed, and absolute not relative. So sometimes no prizes are awarded, since a winner must not be just the best of the competitors on hand, but must meet an absolute standard of excellence. All events in the entire week-long competition are conducted entirely in Welsh — not a word of any other language is spoken.

    So, what has all this to do with Megan? It is merely to provide some background concerning the rigor of the competition she faced. There was a field of some 30 competitors in the mezzo-soprano field — all native Welsh, and almost all native speakers — except Megan. A non-native speaker in her first National Eisteddfod and an American to boot — come to compete with the finest talent in the Land of Song! And what does she do? She comes in second!! Second to a native speaker with years of Eisteddfod experience. A feat practically unheard of.

    This illustrates two things about Megan — first, of course, her great vocal talent; but more to the point is her tenacity and dedication to the attainment of a goal she has set for herself, no matter how lofty that goal may seem; and, equally pertinent, her ability to succeed in attaining the goal in the end.

    I can't imagine a more worthy candidate.
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    I just finished reading Megan Elizabeth Morris' MBA Application on Squidoo, and I watched a compelling video on making a difference. I did all of this because SHE IS INSPIRING. Megan is a leader and passionate about changing the world for the better. I chose to take the time to read her lens and watch her video because she took the time to make it fun. She is creative and it is contagious. She didn't coerce me or use interruption tactics to market it to me. She just simply shared herself and she is exciting.

    I have worked with Megan on a project TribesQ&A ebook, and I can tell you that she is an idea-generator who understands marketing principles. She is committed to excellence and working long hours to meet a deadline.
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    I am writing this recommendation in support of Megan Elizabeth Morris applying to Seth Godin’s 2009 !MBA program.

    In the last year I have been very fortunate to meet three Enthusiastic people. Megan is one of them. I capitalize the word because true, deep-seated Enthusiasm is a rare quality, and as we know, scarcity equals value. This quality in people cannot be taught and it so often leads to success because it provides the drive necessary to keep going in the face of challenges and difficulties. As I have interacted with and come to know Megan on the online group Triiibes I have found her to have boundless Enthusiasm and purpose.

    Megan is also a very talented writer. We wrote two pieces together thus far. We would start out with a framework that I provided and it sounded like what it was- a story written by a dentist struggling to regain skills long buried in 20 years of writing up dental charts. Megan’s touch turned each into a far better story that was at the same time more visceral and of greater clarity. Megan is able to focus her creative energy to achieve specific goals.

    In summary I highly recommend Megan Elizabeth Morris for this program, and am confident that she will be a tremendous asset to the team that is formed.


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