Megan’s Alternative MBA: A Crazy Opportunity for Some Clever, Amazing People (That’s You)

[Update, 12-17-08] I got the best ever rejection letter from Seth, and he’s made his choices for the six month program. I didn’t get in, but I’m going to leave this page up for posterity. I’m so grateful to everyone who signed on and supported me. You folks are just FABULOUS!

Update: A ton of people are asking if they can pledge me $100/month for six months in exchange for work in August and after. The answer is YES —and less or more than $100 is 100% awesome, whatever you’d like. PLEASE feel free to and suggest smaller chunks, or a different arrangement that would work for you. I want to work with and help out as many people as I can, and this is a great way that I can benefit both of us. We will figure out how it works into the schedule! I’ll post more soon, and update this page as often as possible. Thank you for all your amazing support!!

—Original Copy—

We can do amazing things together, you and I. Maybe I sound like a Bond villain trying to turn the hero to my side, but that’s okay, Bond villains are super cool. ;}

I have posted many, many times this week about Seth Godin’s Alternative MBA program. I’ve posted about what I need to participate, and the sacrifices I’m willing (and not willing) to make. Now I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse, because it’s simply too awesome to overlook.

If I’m chosen for Seth’s Alternative MBA program, I will need $17,000+ to participate. I have A LOT of ideas about how to raise that money, but this is the most exciting one by far – because it fits so well with how I want to do business in my life – and I’m offering it to you.

$17k is essentially 170 hours of my professional time at my current rate (which will likely change in the upward direction once I’ve “graduated” from the program). If you or your company can benefit from an infusion of Seth’s methods, consider this. I’m offering you the opportunity to invest with me in $1,700 increments, paid up front. For each $1,700 increment, you will get:

  • 17 hours at 2 hours a week (starting sometime in August 2009) where I work to further your goals, your projects and your business from my home office in Austin TX. (Shorter time frames with more hours per week negotiable.)
  • My damn fine brain, not to mention my writing, design & people skills, which are currently billed at around $100/hour.
  • My damn fine resources, outsources and connections (including those made in New York).
  • My exceedingly pleasant personality and fearless, indefatigable optimism (no kidding!).

Let me repeat this part: My current knowledge and current skills are billed at around $100/hour. For this rate you will be getting the benefit of what I know now, PLUS everything I learn from Seth in six months, all the skills I’ve built up, all the books I’ve read (he said there’d be lots of books!) and every connection I make during and because of New York. That’s a lot of connections, a lot of skills and a LOT of opportunities. Seth is determined to teach us in six months what he’s learned over several decades, and you and I both know that he’s going to succeed.

Folks… let’s face it. That’s a freakin’ STEAL. (In fact, it’s absurd. That should prove to you that I want this, and for that reason I’m offering it HAPPILY!)

If you or your business needs a change, this is a GREAT way to do it. All you need to do is invest up front in six months of my education and in 170 hours of MY time in 10-hour chunks, spent making YOU as successful and tribe-happy as possible. You can buy up as many of those 10-hour increments as you like—the more time we have, the better I can help you! In fact… if you tell me what you’re looking to accomplish up front, I’ll start thinking about it BEFORE starting Seth’s program—which means I’ll have even better solutions for you when I’m done.

I’m somewhat flexible on how to set things up with each investor, so feel free to suggest alternatives to this plan if you’re interested.

KEEP IN MIND: This opportunity is going to be gone fast, and I’m not just saying that to be coy or set the law of scarcity on you (Heaven forbid!). I’m willing to consider booking more than 170 hours (to be worked between August 2009 and January 2010) but I won’t overextend myself. I could feasibly book 200-250 hours of post-MBA time, paid up front, but I probably will NOT book more than that.

This is a first come, first served deal, so if someone jumps in and hires me for most or all of it, you’ll be out of luck (and you’ll have to pay someone what will probably be a much higher rate for the same offer, if anyone else is even offering).

Seth has said himself that economic crunch and all, right now is the BEST time to really start something. He is NOT kidding, and I agree with him. All your competitors are afraid, and they’re spending a lot of time cutting things down; they aren’t willing to simply step up and act. Are you?

This part is very important: I must have as many funds and pledges as possible by December 16th in order to accept Seth’s offer, should he make one. When Seth set this up, he specified that he was looking for people who can see a great opportunity and just TAKE it. I’m asking the same thing of you.

I stand to benefit enormously from this enterprise, and I hope you can see that you and your projects do, too. I am hugely excited about the possibility of working with new partners and making great things happen—so if that partner is meant to be you, .

See? I wasn’t kidding. We CAN do amazing things together. Things are about to get very exciting.


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1 Becky Blanton 12.15.08 at 1:39 am

Wow. Megan is SOOO awesome and this is the deal/steal of a lifetime. Who am I to say? 22+ years in journalism, about six in business – including a brief stint with a Fortune 500 Company as the assistant advertising director, starting and running my own newspaper before selling it (and it becoming the first paper of legal record in 20 years in the state), and numerous contacts with some of the top talent in half a dozen industries….and knowing Megan from – she’s the real deal. Very talented young woman who will be getting twice that once she’s finished Seth’s !MBA program.

Book her now while you can.

2 Andreas Kopp 02.08.09 at 7:34 am

Hallo Megan,
has anybody booked you? If I would have the money I would book you!!

In my opinion you did not really need no alternative mba or seth looking over your shoulder at a project or pushing you to do your projects better everday. Thats what he has written in the discription of the program right? You already have read all the blog articles of Seth and maybe all the books that Seth has written and recommended? Thats all you need and all he can teach you. And you are already walking his talk, You just have to go your own way. There is now short cut. Seth did not get where he is right now doing alternative-mbas with Tom Peters or Warren Buffet. He read books and interpreted works of others and used his experiences to tell stories. He worked his way up , founding companies, writing books, writing blog articles everyday and giving speeches. If you just keep doing this and become an expert in the field you love, you will get where you want to get. But it takes time. Somewhere in Seth blog articles in 2008 I read you are better of learning from the people in the second row not the Superstar.
I would love to be where you seem to be right now personally but still have a long way to go. Do you know if can still enter the alt-mba community? I would love to discuss the books and insights withyou and the community.

All the best


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