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From Blog to Book

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[X] 03:30PM From Blog to Book (Ballroom F)

Here we have John Hargrave and Tucker Max…

“The worst abortion of design I had ever seen…”

John to Tucker: “You’re like a very promiscuous, drunken Tolstoy…”

The great thing about the internet is that you can be approached with a book deal. Authoritatively, the industry is starving for good content. The hard part is just making the good content. If your content is good, and no one has approached you, you can ask to be referred to a good agent by someone who’s been published. John actually wrote John Hodgman—folks are much more accessible than you might think.

Tucker says that book deals are actually easy—he’s helped others to get book deals, several of his sites have garnered book deals. John is looking for Flash designers—AREN’T WE ALL! (If you are reading this, and you know a good Flash designer… I’m worldmegan at gmail… email me?

The best advertising is word of mouth. Always! And if you are always working, you’ll start running out of content… that’s amusing, actually… There will always be a balance between “the day job” and the project. (Except for me, I guess.)

Q. How much of your content came directly from your website and how much otherwise?
A. About half, Tucker says, for the first book. The next book is all new material, all things that he never wrote up. John’s book is two thirds new stuff and one third stuff from the blog—it was a compromise with the publisher.

Write about what everyone knows you for. Folks make the same mistake, they write the way they think they’re supposed to—but you write in your authentic voice, it doesn’t matter how you’re supposed to do it, just write. Tucker just writes in his voice, flaws and all, and he’s sitting there with book deals while others with perfect grammar are still waiting. This is very interesting.

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Further notes…
I have a funny story about Tucker Max, actually… And holy shit, I just got incredibly hungry… I also seriously need to recharge my laptop. Next panel, sit in the back next to an outlet?


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