Tart Dried Apricots

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Do you know what I like best in all the world?

Tart dried apricots.

Nope, not the big ol’ fresh ones. I mean the little dehydrated pieces in sealed foil bags. The ones that look like little orange ears. Those ones. But not the big fat sweet ones. I’m talking about the shrivelled dark tart ones! They zomp me right back to being eight again, they are absolutely delicious. I can’t get enough of them. (And if you’re aware of what happens to your digestive system if you eat too many dried apricots, you’ll know why I am still only having a few a day, instead of devouring the whole damn bag!)

I don’t think I’ve had a bag quite like this SINCE I was eight. They’ve all been the usual sort, not extra fabulous and yummy and tart and sharp and perfect like these are. This one bag in the door of the fridge, it’s almost gone! What am I going to do when I finish it off?? Horrified!

They should label each package ‘plump and sweet and boring’ or ‘shrivelled and sweet and tart’. But they don’t. There’s no way for me to know if I will ever encounter another package of dried apricots like these.

Like I need more stress in my life.


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