For Sanitary Reasons

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Taking care of the house this week for me has been something of an exercise in autonomy. This house is too big for just me, especially with Marty gone most of every day at work. And three dogs… are manageable. But I think not preferable, if I’m the only one here. I’m a little worried I’ll do something wrong, or forget something important, or maybe go to let Zeno in and find him in a brawl with a raccoon. Or something.

We speculated that Marty ought to follow his move to Austin with a bunch of tattoos, done by a hulking, grumpy Mexican across the border that rinses the blood off with tequila. You know, for sanitary reasons.

I like autonomy. It’s nice. But man, do the dishes ever pile up.

I dug out my minidisc recorder to put some things on tape later. I am not happy with the minidisc setup – it’s a pain to record and even more of a pain to digitize. I would kill for a good portable, digital recording recommendation, something that will make nice clear recordings of music. But for now I think I’m stuck with this. Anyway, the sound is nice.

I expect to be back later this afternoon, to return to my desk and wrangle the rest of my to do list. And then I think I’ll jump in the hot tub. Because I can. Excellent.

Erm. And maybe do some dishes.


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